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Zelos, check it out

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[Champion Concept]
Zelos, The Blade of Void ( the assassin, the carrier, the support)
Zelos is Irellia's brother. In his life, he always want to have chance to fight against the great warrior, so he leave his village. Over 2 years, he still does not find the the warrior who can defeat him. He continues and never lose the spirit and this day finally comes. He meets Master Yi. The battle happened over 2 days. Finally, Zelos is defeated by his mistake, he nearly die. In the last breath, He saw some one when Zelos wake up, he realizes their body changed and can not remember anything. Indeed, Malzahar, The prophet of the void saved him. Malzahar taught Zelos a lot of special void skill because he see Zelos's speciality. However, in his mind, he always remember the girl, the familiar person, his sister although he can remember her face. When he hear about the league of legends, Zelos decided to join with hope: he can meet this girl.
Damage: 57 (+ 3.5 per level)
Health: 500 (+ 90 per level)
Mana 200 (+ 40 per level)
Movement 315
Armor 14 ( + 2.5 per level)
Spell block 29 ( + 1 per level)
Health regen 1.5 ( + 0.5 per level)
Mana regen 1 ( + 0.5 per level )
The shadow( passive): One shadow will appear and attack all unit surround Zelos with base damage every 8th attack
Smash ( Active): Zelos will cross all unit in the vector ( Note: the length of vector is same the length of Ezreal's skill Mystic shot) and make ( 100/150/200/250/300) damage ( + 0.75 physical damage) and slow 40% movement of the unit
Critical Strike ( Passive): Deal a 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2.0x critical strike.
Earthquake( active) Zelos use his twin sword hit the ground and create the damage ( 50/90/130/170/210)(+0.5 physical damage) in one Aoe ( Nothe: The circle of AOE is same the Jarvan IV's skill Golden Aegis)
The Unlimited Blade Work ( Active): Zelos create the Circle, all unit in this circle can not do anything except Zelos and no one can attack from the circle outside. This Circle lengthen 4/5/6 second.
The appearance
Zelos brings twin sword, he wears the skull marks with the cloak.
( Note: this is the first time i post something on the forum if something is wrong, please forgive me. If you can apply this champion, it is my pleasure, thanks) The photo will help you can describe how does he look like.
http://vindictusdb.com/screens/sets/...1649643057.jpg (http://vindictusdb.com/screens/sets/blood_prince_set/blood_prince_set_1649643057.jpg)