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Account suspension

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Maybe you got suspended for other reasons.

Regardless, I don't actually care. You can do a support ticket. Because spamming doesn't help your case.

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Emissary of the League


Mostly it was the lack of grammar, the SMS language, etc that made me think young/foreign; this isn't a text message, especially when seeking advice, it's nice to use full sentences, structure, and formatting to make things easier to read.

Another thing that caught my eye was the random 'must have been an ex cop' statement without actually saying what you were implying by that.

Were four of your dcs because you had to go take care of the network, or was that only once and the other four were home dcs? A single game won't get you banned, and you won't go straight to a 3 day ban; the progression for the automated leaver system goes warning > 1 day > 3 day, meaning either you already had a warning and ban, or you were banned via the Tribunal for other reasons.

When you got called in to fix that issue, were you on call, or was it just a rare emergency that happens? (The occasional leave is fine, and won't result in a ban, or a one day at most, however leaving as frequently as you do will.) If you weren't on call that's fine, but if you were, then it's your own fault for playing something that you can't easily leave or pause when you 'could' be called in at any time.

4/30 games left is a 13.3% leaving rate. If everyone left this many of their games, you would have a 86.7% chance of any individual player not leaving. This means that if you want to know the chance of a particular game having a leaver (assuming you're not leaving, but that will increase the chance), you take .867 ^ 9, or a 27.7% chance that you'll actually be able to finish a full game without leavers. That's barely more than 1 in 4, and I know I sure as hell don't want 3/4 of my games to have a leaver in them...

Keep in mind that the leaverbuster was a result a need that the community brought attention to. I had a stretch of work where I had 80 hours of OT in 3 weeks, and still managed to find some games; I'd much rather have those games be free of leavers.