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The Sun Goddess needs to COOLDOWN. (Items on Leona)

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(Sweet troll jegus, wall of text ahead)

I've been trying to figure out items for Leona. As Math_Mage said, she is a hard champion to buy for. Some champions are released with items practically married to them (tear + Sona), in this way, Leona seems very much alone. As well, her early game farm is terrible, meaning that she often simply cannot afford the items a regular tank would be able to get.

I first built her as a sheer wall of tank but found that my enemies simply ignored me, her damage is lower then every other tank and is non-sustained. Meaning you may as well be a corpse after your initial burst of cc, for all the good you'll do for the rest of the fight.

After, in order to gain some kind of threat, I put Magic Pen Runes and Masteries into her and went a bit silly with a sunfires, wit's end and abyssal. (All decent defense items and I figured magic pen / item damage would raise her damage more then sheer AP would). This did help her threat somewhat, I even found I could solo the odd bruiser/mage. However it was at the expense of both utility (cooldown) and lasting power (health and health regen). It wasn't bad, but you weren't really the team tank, more a support focuses bruiser with bad damage. Sunfire turned out to be a keeper however. Wits and and abyssal? fun overkill.

Next, on Math_Mage's suggestion I went after Cooldown Reduction, testing out Shurelya's Reverie and a few other cooldown items. This has worked out the best of all, I wasn't a fan of the Reverie until now but it's active gives you an extremely useful speed boost. Leona doesn't have any real escape nor does she have good speed or sustained damage (or both like signed). So Reverie provides not only much needed cooldown but also very useful Active. (Plus, diving in with a stun to save an ally then helping them get away with a speed boost is just fun)

In more depth,
I start with a Regrowth Pendant and no pots as you will need every scrap of gold you can get. Build to a Philo's Stone - this will later turn into Miracle or Reverie (you can get both but make sure you do one after the other, stacking the Philo's wont work.) and provides you with much needed early game mana regen.

Boots came then, and you have two main options.The cheap option is getting Ionian Boots for it's super cheap cooldown and an Eleisa's Miracle (then another philo's,). Miracle is a cheap and lovely item. unfortunately its stats double-up a bit with what Reverie gives you. More health regen is always welcome but this possibly overkill for your mana regen. If you find you won't need tenacity, ditch it altogether.

The slightly more expensive option is grabbing your Defense Boots and swinging on a Soul/Glacial Shroud. Get the shroud/boots that suit best vs what ever team comp your fighting. Against a balanced team, Mercury + Soul Shroud generally fits best here, health is simply more valuable then mana and Magic Resist more valuable then armor + this nets you tenacity. (As well, you'll be getting armor from Sunfire and possibly Atma's) If you find yourself netting a few early game kills, go with this option.

Next is the fun stuff, and the two items I would tentatively call "core".

Sunfire and Shurelya's Reverie. Sunfire is Good on most tanks but core on Leona. You need every bit of extra threat you can get. Honestly this should be her passive. Also, a thematic win right here. Power o' the sun awww yeah. Rush this out as much as you feel you can. the earlier you get it the more it's ticks are going to hurt. I already said some things on Reverie, but the short of it is; "Faaaan-tastic". Cheap, effective, with a wonderful active. Put it on, keep it on, feel the love. Get it after sunfire though, the longer you have that Philo's the better.

After these you will want to grab some solid wall items. In General, don't stack too much MR or Armor. You have an ability that gives you a truckton and the effect of these defenses falls off considerably the higher they go. Just try to keep that ability on low cooldown and get tasty Health items, or items with good unique passives. I'll leave the specifics here up too you but I have quite enjoyed grabbing a frozen mallet + an atam's. More health and threat is always welcome and the atma's works nicely with the health from soul shroud, sunfire and reverie)

So the most ideal version looks like this,
Shurelya's Reverie
Mercury Treads
Soul Shroud
Sunfire Cape
Frozen Mallet
Atma's Impaler

Lasty, a quick note on summoner spells. As i'm a sucker for thematics I have been running Leona with Flash + Ignite (Powa of the Sun!). Although the ignite was mostly for the lols I soon realized that Leona has a great capacity for securing early game kills. Ignite is often just the damage boost you need to get that early 1-2 kill advantage. And since your early game farm is so lousy this can go a long way for your coffers.

That's it I guess, chuck down some feedback and keep enjoying the sun goddess.

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No you do not need any CDR on her or damage. The standard build is something like this:

Mercury Treads
Philo Stone ->Shurelya Rev
HoG -> Omen
FoN or Banshee

Of course these are not the only items. This comes with 20% CDR which is not needed but hey it comes with the items. I also think the best summoner spells for her is Flash + Exhaust/Fortify/Teleport, preferably Flash+Exhaust.

EDIT1: She can afford anything with very low CS if you get 14g/10 early on with masteries, runes and HoG+Philo. You should also be letting your lane partner get nearly all last hits.

EDIT2: Also people talk about getting ignored and stuff maybe because your are not supposed to focus the tank anyways.....

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Hate it, but building the standard AP tank works best, catalyst>roa>shoes>negatron cape>chainmail>giant's belt, etc...

her ap ratios do stink for everything but her ult, but really the added damage to the shield and ult are worth it imo since they're used soo much if you're doing it right.

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Just get 16% from yellow,blue and quint + 9/0/21 mastery + Cdr booots. Youre at 40% without sacrificing any tank item ( well merc but bah:P)

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The above poster does indeed throw a easy way for CDR but I find that you rely too much on W for sustainability.

I've been solo laning quite a bit with Leona and been working quite well with the following:

HP quints
Armor Seals
MR marks and glyphs

0/21/9 masteries

Rush Philo, HoG and Mercs

With this build I can easily stay in lane abuse W for some extra farm because i tend to get pushed back a little (also prefer to) especially when laning vs 2. Zero CDR but you don't need it early game while farming. You only need CDR when you start doing large group fights.

Next item is Glacial Shroud because it gives armor and CDR. Next is usually a Negatron cloak to beef my MR a bit but eventually I finish Frozen heart and Shurelia which does not cap your CDR but with 35% CDR you should be doing fine. And if the mood strikes you, upgrade HoG to Omen and you are capped.

One fun item I have tried on Leona is Rylai's (for last slot) because now your W now has a small Omen clicky effect. Fun stuff, but I would not recomend it in a core build