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A few suggestions

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After playing some matches, I have a few suggestions of my own which may be like some in the board already. Think of this as another vote for improvement

1. A choice for team players level matching. I experience a few games with high level players on one side and low level players on the other.It may not be true that all high level players are not noob but those games feel like a slaughter to me which are not fun at all.

2. Ready button for each players or at least both team's first player. So they can check for their team mates, to see if both sides is quite equal in strength. Also, help with the problem in my first suggestion.

3. A choice for limit leaver to join game. Game creator may select number of games that one ever leave or ratio of game play to leave, such as, >3 leaves or 10:1 Play:leave ratio cannot be join this game. This may make people to think twice before leaving the game.

Different ideas is alway accepted

(English is not good, Sorry)