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Some questions about jungling.

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I've been playing for about 2 months now and have reached a point where I have enough experience I'm starting to realize how important team composition can be. I'm only lvl 24, but it's at a point where teams of pure ranged AD or AP etc just aren't cutting it, so i'm endeavouring to learn a character of each 'role' so I can make my random pub teams less fail.

So my first question is how fast should a jungler be? I spent a fair bit of ip early on on champ so I don't have full ruin builds yet btw.

So far when it comes to junglers i've used Trundle, who is pretty fun, but I have no idea if i'm slow. I always plan to make wiggles lantern first and start with the Vampiric Scepter since I find the life steal from that combined with his passive, and Q make it a lot easier then just armor and 5 pots. Anyways I go smite the enemy blue banshee then my wolves, then blue buff. If they have a jungler I then go to my banshees, then double golem, then red, then gank if it looks like a lanes pushed. If they don't have a jungler I tend to just cross the river after my blue, take their double golem, their red buff, and then try to gank top. Regardless of which option I choose I normally finish the route by about 4:40 on the games timer. Is that slow? I hear people mentioning things like 3:30 for jungle times but I never know it that's 3:30 from the time minions spawn, or they're done one circuit of the jungle by the time the timer reaches like 3:30. :/

So I guess that brings me to my second question about jungle routes. The one I take helps deprive their jungle of some exp if they have one, but if they don't have one I feel almost like i'm slowing myself down. Should I instead start at like, double golem instead? I heard that was the easiest route. I tried starting at blue as well, but in pub games I had a lot of trouble getting someone to leash blue buff, so I figured getting it @ lvl 2 would be the next best thing. :/

Lastly, who is considered the best over all jungler? I mean for the entire game. I find the jungling isn't that bad as trundle, and I generally keep up with the solo lanes in levels well enough, but after the laning phase I'm either building trundle wrong, or idk

1. How fast should it take to jungle? Are the times people state for jungling the total time it takes them to jungle, not counting the 1:40 for minions to spawn, or including it?

2. Should you take different jungle routes in pub games based on whether the opponent has a jungler or not, and if so what routes?

3. Who is the best all around jungler?

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1. It depends on your route. If you go blue first, it should be at around 3:05 or 3:10, but that is leaving red buff out. If you go for minions first, I have no idea, because you usually go back right before going for blue buff.( Another edit, this is including the time it takes for blue buff to spawn(1:55).)

2. Not really, unless you see they are attempting to gank you at blue, and since its a pub match you can't exactly expect much of your team so you might want to start at wraiths.

3. No idea, haven't played enough junglers to know. Only played Amumu,Fiddles,and Nunu.

Edit -
Forgot to add, this is all without any runes at all. The only outside thing I used is smite.

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1) depends what level you're going too. 4 min is about average for full clear jungle time, (killing all 5 camps in order) which puts you at level 4.

7 minutes is about par for hitting level 6 from only jungle xp, although it depends a lot on what champ you are. (some are much faster than others).

also when people talk about jungle time they mean in-game clock time... so a 4 minute clear really only took 2 minutes and 20 seconds lol.

2) not unless you want to counterjungle or think you will be counter jungled.

3) this guy made a jungle tier list and its fairly accurate: http://rog.clgaming.net/tier-lists/46-jungle/latest
this is the guy that made a youtube of jungling every single char (even ashe, lol. don't try that at home).
edit: note that some of these junglers are fairly rune dependent. People like warwick nunu and udyr can probably jungle with any runes, but for most chars you need to buy at least flat armor seals or i wouldn't bother with jungling.

i agree with him that udyr is probably the best overall jungler although i don't think udyr is that good otherwise.


i should probably mention jungle routes. There's of course various routes you can do but these 3 are the most common:

1) Full clear starting at blue. Start at blue golem preferably with a leash. (Some chars will kill wolves or maybe just one wolf first, cause they spawn 14 sec sooner and are nearby, but thats dependent on being able to kill the wolf and it not costing too much hp/mana) after blue, wolves --> wraiths --> red --> golem, after which you're forced to gank or counter jungle for a minute cause there's nothing left in your jungle.

2) Start at wolves, clear small camps:
With this route, you start at wolves, move to wraiths, then small golems, then you go back to buy, and then you kill blue golem (should be level 3 at this point with xp masteries). after that you kill wolves --> wraiths --> golems again, then red, then wolves--> wraiths --> golems a third time, at which point you are level 6. For many chars this is the fastest leveling route. The reason you kill small camps first is because the sooner you kill them the sooner they respawn, so the sooner you can level.

3) another common route: start at small golems, then wraiths, then wolves, then blue golem, then back and buy something, then back to small golems --> wraiths --> wolves --> red --> small golems --> wraiths --> wolves. This is another fast leveling route,whether this route or route #2 above is faster depends on what char you are killing the small camps first, its a bit more dangerous than the above route and only really works on strong sustained junglers.

edit: i should probably mention... don't jungle without the xp mastery in utility tree... there's SO many routes where you'll be like 20 xp short of a level and can't jungle properly if you don't take that. without xp mastery you don't level to 2 off of blue golem start or double golems start, you won't quite hit 3 from a full small camps clear, etc.

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Most Jungle times are from Blue -> Wolves -> Wraiths -> Red -> Golems

So a complete jungle.