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Malzahar - Trouble with late game

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I main Malz, but have been having some considerable trouble in my late game. Any thoughts on different mid/late game item builds and the rationale for why would be greatly appreciated.

Here's my build:

Quints - Mpen
Marks - Mpen
Seals - Mp/5
Glyphs - flat CD

9-0-21 masteries.

My core build is the following:

Doran's Ring
Sorc Boots

After those, i either get Rylais for HP, Void Staff for Mpen, or a needlessly large rod. The problem is, I don't do as near as much damg late game as I do early/mid game. any suggestions? Thanks,.

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Malzahar is one of the most position-dependent characters in a teamfight. It doesn't really have to do much with his damage, he scales VERY well, even with the recent nerfs. Use your Q to poke, throw down your pool before they charge your team (zoning in a teamfight, and if they must battle on it lol as their health evaporates) and save Malefic Visions to finish people or if you are going to die. Your ult should primarily be on their tanky-DPS (you are going to build a Void Staff right?) because their squishies will be well-defended, and tanky-DPS characters are huge nuisances. If it is possible, catch the tanky-DPS in your pool when you ult, and you can use your Malefic Visions on them before or after you ult (same damage, just spread out a little more). Q might be up again for use in a teamfight, in which it should be used near the squishies. Malzahar is VERY hard to position correctly, but given enough experience you should be A-Ok.

Also I would recommend getting a Tear of the Godess, as you should be spamming abilities in lane. Either go Meki Pendent + 2 pots, or if you really think Tear is a waste stack 3 Doran's Ring. Sounds silly, but gives you A LOT of life really cheap, 45 ability power which is nice, and 15 mana/5 to spam abilities in lane to zone people out. Focus on farm and zoning constantly with your Q and you should be fine!