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Playing Singed

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Can someone who is very good at Singed tell me how to play him?
Skill order, Runes, Masteries etc?

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fling first, then get poison and slow, max poison first, leaving fling at 1, getting ult whenever you can.

Try to last hit at the beginning, farm up for RoA ASAP, then when it is mid game and no one is at your lane, PUSH IT WITH POISON UP AND JUST RUN OVER ALL THE MINIONS.

Ward the side lane, pop your ult whenever you see enemy coming.

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Boomstick II

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Singed is one of the easiest champs to play in this game.

Your first few levels are going to be difficult(ish) due to not having any tanky items and what not. To make up for this, you will want armor seals (yellows) so you're not as squishy. Also, you could take either health quints or movement speed quints (movement speed quints are amazing on him). For the glyphs it's up to you... it's very likely you'll be building a force of nature in your build so you might not want magic resistance glyphs, especially since you get 65 MR from your ultimate anyways. Maybe AP/level glyphs simply because they would work on him and they could be used on many other characters as well. For the reds I would suggest MPen runes so the poison and throw hits harder.

Like I said earlier, Singed isn't the best for the first couple minutes. What I do with singed is I often lane with someone who does very well if fed (ad carry perhaps). In the beginning your poison won't clear waves of minions in seconds like it will later, so you'll get your throw first. Using your throw and slow (just make sure you have all 3 skills by level 3 then max your poison first then it's up to you) you should attempt to get your lane mate fed by throwing an enemy behind you and slowing them (or slowing them to catch them and then throw them back) so your team mate can kill them. Be careful not to die though, that's more important than getting kills. As for your first item... it depends. One option that many Singed players might do is start with a regrowth pendant for the regen (this will allow you to go for a throw attempt, then if you fail, you can sit in the brush letting your carry get last hits while you regen and get ready for another throw attempt) and later turn that in to a philosopher's stone so you won't have many mana issues and you will get extra gold over time. Some other players like to start with a mana crystal and hp pots... you will want to build a catalyst (for your RoA) ASAP so if you're going this route you'll want to try to get some last hits early. Singed is an AMAZING farmer after some points in his poison, so don't worry about not getting too many last hits early on in the game. You'll catch up very easily.

As for your other items you'll want either boots of swiftness or mercury treads. After that you should build Rod of Ages for sure, and then it kind of depends on the game. Once you're level 6 or higher and you have a RoA you're extremely tough to kill already so you have a lot of options. If you see one of their AP characters are getting strong, build a Force of Nature. If an AD character is getting strong, you might want randuin's omen or sunfire cape. I would not suggest thornmail for armor. One item that many Singed's like to get is Rylai's Crystal Scepter. It gives you a slow on your poison, improves the slow on your goo (pretty much brings them to a standstill for 5 seconds) and also slows people when you throw them so they're forced to stay in your poison longer/take longer to get away from your teammates.

End-game build might be something like this:
-Boots of Swiftness
-Rod of Ages
-Force of Nature
-Randuin's Omen
-Rylai's Crystal Scepter
-Banshee's Veil / Sunfire Cape / Rod of Ages

As for masteries I would suggest going 9/0/21.
Pick up the AP in the offensive masteries and get the 15% magic pen.
As for the 21 in utility I'm sure most of it is obvious. Some of it will depend on your summoner spells as well. (I would suggest ghost and flash, or maybe replace one with teleport)

**BTW I don't play Singed as I find him boring, but I have played him before. With these items you can easily go 10/0 or better.

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For runes i go Mpen red, dodge yellow, flat mr blue and mvs quints (with t1 boots you run as fast as someone with t2 boots)

for masteries i go 0/9(nimbleness)/21
With nimbleness+dodge masteries you have 8% dodge and it will help you early on when fighting around minions and late game while escaping because you'll almost reach 500msp

Cleanse + ghost is the way to go

Fling at level 1 & gloo at level 4 then its ult>poison>fling>goo

Start with regrowth + the pot of your choice

Rush catalyst, then t1 boots, then finish roa + boots of your choice (swiftness are awesome (436msp), mercs if you need the mr or tenacity (which you can have for 500 anyway if you upgrade your philo if you dont run cleanse) or tabi (more armor and more dodge, awesome) )

Use your ult early on anytime you need the regen, you should never leave your lane with under 1-2k to spend

Then its situational, if no one on your teams gets an aegis then go for it its awesome

VS a balanced team, i usually go QSS (most underrated item ever, this makes you invincible if you run it with cleanse, then armor (tornmail or frozen heart, up to you, but my vote goes to fh (mana = 125hp, awesome cdr, debuff for ennemies, cdr which means more fling/gloo, 99armor + its dirt cheap) then more mr (it's banshee vs fon, usually fon is core on singed because of the speed buff but i'm already fast enough with my build so i usually go with banshee's for awesome hp buff)

Then if the game's still going on you can upgrade your philo to Shurelya's, a favorite of mine

I usually end a game at around 3.5k hp and 170armor/mr

More cdr (you reach 40% with it), hp, huge regen and a nice active (aoe speed boost)

Farm a solo lane everytime your team dont need you, singed is an awesome split pusher ,you can survive 5man ganks and within a blink you're in an other lane

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Long time singe player with 1300+ wins. I prefer to build him marks mpen, quints move speed(mpen works), seals mp5 or armor, glyphs CD reduction or I prefer MR.

9/21/0, atleast get strength of spirit in defense tree for hp regen off of mana.
9/7/14 is okay.

Rush Rod of Ages with boots 1, upgrade boots, 2nd RoA, Abyss Scepter, Zhony's Hourglass(Sunfire works if you need more beef, Thornmail vs tryn/gP etc), last item varies if you end up being teams main damage a void scepter works, if magics a threat Force of Nature or Banshee works, if physical zhonya/sunfie/thornmail

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Some excellent builds here Indeed. Singed is definitely one of my favorite champs. Here's my build.

9x Mpen Marks
9x Flat Armor Seals
9x Scaling MR Glyphs
3x Movespeed Quints

Taking strength of spirit, 2 in veterans scars, 1 in improved cleanse. Improved ghost/Meditation/ and swiftness from utility.

Sapphire Crystal, 2x Red
Catalyst the Protector
Boots 1
Rod of Ages
Swiftness or Merc Treads
Rylai's Crystal Scepter (for bonus HP/AP and slow)

That's your core. It's expensive but singed is an excellent farmer. From there build your defense situationally. I generally prefer Sunfire/FoN as a first defense item afterwards.