Lee Sin or Yorick

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Yes, it's another one of those threads.

I'm approaching 6.3k again, and I'm looking for a good, fun champ. I've heard Lee Sin and Yorick are both really fun, and they're definitely viable. Yeah, I know they're probably nerfing Yorick soon, but I don't care too much so long as he's still decent.

Anyway, which of these 2 champs do you think is more fun, and an overall better pick? Also, for Lee Sin, I plan on jungling with him, but I already main Trundle. When would Lee Sin be a better pick than Trundle or other junglers? I know he's a little less reliant on ganks, so maybe I could pick him when my teammates don't pick strong laners? I just don't want to buy a champ that I won't end up using much.

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DJ instantcake

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He's more fun to play, and requires skill. he can gank, escape, and deal damage effectively. Yorick is just spam all his ability's, and gets really boring to play