"reinforce" skill's description in mastery screen

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from: http://beta.leagueoflegends.com/boar...p?t=603&page=2 (2009-07-19 2.59pm):
"* Reinforce - While Fortify is able to be activated, increases damage to minions and monsters by 6. In addition, increases the armor of turrets for 10 seconds after the invulnerability fades."

The description in the client seems to be: "Changes your fortify spell into a dual ability. While the cooldown is available for Fortify, you deal 6 more damage to minions"

I think the 'While the cooldown is available" bit is a bit confusing. Does that mean that while Fortify is cooling down, or does it mean (as the quoted description seems to say) while the spell is available for use.