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Jungling heros i have tried or seen.

Yi seems to work out ok, i get the feeling that its a little slow at first though.
Trynd does allright, when i jungle with him i leech in a lane till 3 and then jungle, arguably not worth it.
A teamate of mine jungled with twitch from lvl 1, his account of it was that it was slow, and he had to back alot, also arguably a waste of time.
Another teamate of mine loljungled with eve, apparently this worked extremely well however he ended up with 3 of the creepkilling items (forget the name), once again arguably a waste of time since its around thoes early levels that eve tends to make her mark by killing heroes.

I would say you can probably jungle with most heroes once you have hit lvl 3/4, the question is, is it worth it at this point?

Heroes that i know, or have seen jungle from lvl 1 (Other than warwick, stix, nunu and taric)

Jaxx (i expect his dodge skill makes this very good)
Twitch (seriously have no idea how he pulled it off, though i expect backing after every pack)
Eve (lol)

I really wanted to jungle with trynd, but i could not make it happen from lvl 1, maybe with some tanky runes/masteries? Its possible though that my failure with trynd can be explained by my compulsion to immediately stack 5 avarice blades to make him an end game monster. On that note, my experience of 5 avarice blades and jungling from 3 on trynd is very successful, though i don't know how far this would go beyond pub stomping.