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Connecting and Reconnecting to Game.

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I know this has been a issue for many months now. Mainly the problem I'm seeing is this. When you lose internet, for whatever reason, and attempt to reconnect to the game, there are a few things that happen almost every time.

#1. Ghost Minions- At the time of your disconnect, any minions that were on your screen continue to stay there. They will be stuck in a loop of attacking each other, their health bars will not go up or down, and they will not move except to attack each other. This seems like our client (not the server) has a problem letting go of some data packets of information.

#2. Champions- I've not seen this happen very often, but it has been happening recently in which certain champions will literally be invisible. This generally happens when someone dies while you are in game, and you disconnect before they respawn. Your client hasn't let go of the "dead" status of that hero, so he is alive, and running around, but your client has him stored as "dead" and does not render him or recognize that he is alive. He can still affect situations on the map, but you cannot see him or click him or target him with spells.

#3. Turrets- If you are connected to a game, and you get disconnected and a lvl 1 tower dies, you cannot target the 2nd tier tower when you reconnect. This is a symptom again of packets not being reset after a disconnect. Your game still sees that first tower as being there, so makes the 2nd tower in the lane untargetable.

Now some of these issues can be resolved by disconnecting manually and then reconnecting, some cannot be. Minions are usually resolved by disconnecting manually and then reconnecting. This is a symptom of your client dropping and removing those packets, but it still does not fix the targeting of certain towers. This will usually also resolve the invisible heroes symptom, but you generally can still have it happen if again, while you are disconnected, another hero dies. It does not happen all the time but mainly about 30% of the time.

Might as well post this today since I'm sure most of this information could probably be very helpful.

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/Necro. This is still and issue and has been since I started playing 7 months ago.