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To whom it may concern

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Jack Nicholson

Junior Member


Greetings, as I couldn't find an e-mail to adress this to i chose to post here.
First, thanks for the beta key. I find the game very interesting.
Just one problem, i work in a gamecafe where we have recently been beta testing HoN.
We we're wondering if we could have some more key's for the dota community we have here.
Two of us already have been accepted into the beta and we've seen the potentials of LoL. I can garantue you positive feedback and discretion. We have about 25-30 dota players here that also tested HoN and are dead jealous of the two of us :P
If you have any questions regarding the details of our community just ask and we will inform you.

Yours sincerely The Madprocessor, Amsterdam (Holland).