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To Intel Integrated Graphics Users

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As many of you are probably disappointed to find out, League of Legends runs only at a max of 12 FPS on your cards, despite everything being Very Low. Now, what most of you probably do not know is that Intel released a major driver update for its drivers in May 2009, and with this update LoL will run on all High settings with 18-25 FPS. Now, instinctively some of you, upon reading this news, will go to the Intel website and immediately start searching for this new driver. Do not do this. Intel drivers off their website rarely work, due to the fact that each manufacturer signs his drivers differently. Instead, go to your manufacturer website (Lenovo in my case), and search for the driver update for your specific system. Good luck with this, considering that each manufacturers website seems to have been designed by a bunch of idiots, and the driver search interface is the most counter intuitive thing I've seen since the instructions on a Romanian 81mm mortar. But once you do find the driver update, it's well worth it