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SORAKA the aura bot

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EDIT: 5/19/10 updated my guide after many more games with her and reaching LVL 30 woot!!!

EDIT: 5/21/10 the idea behind my guide
you want a team fight to last about 1 min with every1 blowing all there cool downs. because you will aoe heal your team 2x plus bless and infuse to keep your teams bars as high as possible. then wish is up again to continue the push. while the bad guy's are whittled down to low health and all cooldowns blown. soul shroud really helps your team to then have your cooldowns up faster than the bad guy's. also your MR aura and agias just make your team stay alive even longer. with the new assist rules she has become allot stronger IMO. also don't get locket it's lame. the new AP build i posted is much betr than a locket i think. because locket loses value the longer the game goes.

ok so this is the first guide i have ever written and the reason i wrote it was to get feedback. after rereading i need to make this clarification. the situations explained are ideal and if everything is going the way it should. that doesnt always happen so your going to have to learn on your own what to do in the ever changing environment of LOL. i am lvl 30 now and have 75 games with soraka i belive. my main was blitz for most of the time untill lvl 20. i am however really good at WC3 so naturally i played around with DOTA over the years. Im hoping that people will give me some positive feedback that i can use to improve my game with soraka because im relatively new to her and enjoying it so far. also i would appreciate feedback on how the new nerf will effect her. some info on her back story because i heard that in beta she was OP and every1 played her. but these days people are like why did you pick her?

Consecration (Passive)
Increases surrounding allies Magic Resistance by 16
bah how imaginative. but i guess it helps and goes with this build.

Starcall (3 seconds) 42 / 54 / 66 /78 / 90 mana
Strikes nearby enemy units for 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+0.25 ability power ratio) magic damage and reduces their Magic Resistance by 8 for 8 seconds This effect stacks up to 20 times.

good to harass at low lvl combined with large autoatk range its effective. also invaluable to get last hits with. takes practice but essential for $$. late game the debuff helps allot if your hittn multiple champs multiple times with it. really it increases DPS allot but don't get killed trying to get it on everyone.

Astral Blessing (9 seconds) 80/100/120/140/160 mana
Restores 80/135/190/255/300 (+1.0 ability power ratio) health and grants 35 bonus armor. Lasts 9 seconds.

bread and butter spell. spam this every chance you get. i find it helpful to heal the pics on the side rather click on champs to reduce misclicks on creeps. also the armour buff is sweet. when ur cooldowns are low enough u can have the buff on 3 peeps at once.

Infuse (15 seconds) 0 mana
If cast on an allied champion, restores 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 Mana.
If cast on an enemy champion, silences them for 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3 second(s) and deals 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 (+0.6 ability power ratio) magic damage.

the reason i love this champ, it allows u and your lanemate to spam your abilities thus greatly increasing your ability to zone control and output dps. as if that wasnt good enough it silences bad guys and does a decent amount of damage for harassment purposes. SPAM it!!!! it has no cost and 2 effects what more could you ask for!!!

Wish (120/90/60 seconds) 250 / 350 / 450 mana
Instantly restores 250 / 400 / 550 (+2.0 ability power ratio) health to all allied champions.

wow great spell. heals everyone wherever they are every minuet sec with CD reduction. it is a bit mana heavy so if your going to spam it make sure you are using all your infuses on your self. because of this spell you need to be constantly looking at health bars and looking on the map at the actual situation. if you see 1 or more champs 1/2 health make a judgment call weather 2 use or not. dont waste if 1 guy is running from the whole team and is gona die anyway. dont use if you suspect a team fight in the next minute. dont use if you or current lane mates are really low on mana.

masteries(this section need to be redone) : 9/0/21 mastery build for the reduced cooldowns. i dont have all 30 yet so im not up to 21 yet.

runes: i take max CD reduction, and MR runes.

summoner spells:

HEAL - my always take spell. overkill u say? no way i won many games like this. at the start of a team fight i wish really early on after an aoe then heal in middle of group like 15 secs later while blessing and infusing the whole time. then wish is back up 2 top us all off to continue our push into the base for an early win.

EXHAUST - I like this as it hlps your lane mate kill things and sometimes even you. also its nice to have an ability that is kinda offensive lol. it can be useful to escape if there is only 1-2 heroes chasing you. but if your worried about dying flash or ghost is the way to go. i usually take this though as i avoid runaway situations as much as posible. either i get jumped an go down quick or im gona make it out running and healing while team scares em off. if im running and theres no teamate around i shouldnt have been doing whatever i was doing.

FLASH/GHOST - when you first start pick these to save your ass for making bad positioning decisions. we all do it so its nice to have the cushion and i defiantly take this on 420 nights. they both work just as well i think.

rally - i take it sometimes but it think this is kinda overkill. also the best style of team fights for soraka are the kind that move around and last awile IMO so rally tends to stop that from happening as everyone gathers at it. besides i hear there taking away the heal on it nxt patch.

teleport - this is a good spell and i should experiment with it more.

fortify - if you like this and use it well go ahead fits your role.

skill build:
i go with heal first most of the time. lvl 2 u gota look if your dps output and mana use has been high for your lane if so get infuse. if you can make it to lvl 3 then get starcall first. at lvl 4 i go infuse, then bless, then you can figure it out from here.


Mana Manipulator
giant belt
mana pot or 2 maybe(it helps to keep you up so you can use infuse offensively and on allies more)
Soul Shroud
Boots of Speed(get this before belt or shroud if you dont have enough $$ 1st time back. also if you die early and have 300-900g sometimes i sugest spending all that on kages pick's. DO NOT sell these even for a mana pot slot until you absolutely have 2)
merc treds or speed i suggest merc.
aegis of legion
starks(if nobody else picked it up. you should try and convince some1 to pick it up it's awesome. if some1 else picks it up then i would buy blasting wands at this point or a banshee veil).

i basically go aura bot. game rarely goes long enough for starks or blasting wands. but hey might as well start working on something. mana manipulator is great for you and lane mate early game. if your good or the action is slow early u can use this 2 put off infuse to lvl 3. you should have stayed in your lane a long time before you died or decide to port back cause you have enough for soul shroud and a boot 2160 i think. if there is a few spare coins left after purchase buy some mana pot's and 1-2 kage pick if you have 300-600g extra. from there you want to pick up your merc treds. if team isnt stun happy then speed boots are really nice on her. after that start making your second aura, the aegis for a sweet Armour, MR and damage boost. allot of people go locket but i have tried it multiple times and it just seems useless(after edit tried many times it is FAIL sauce!!!! the only way i could see it cool is if 3-4 peeps on team had it.). allot of people also go AP but i think thats a waste of $$(EDIT i really like a pure AP soraka that i lay an item build out for in this guide now. it's probobly my best build). CD reduction gives you more healing per sec than some AP would and that CD comes with an aura and health. AP is sooo expensive to be mildly usefull on her its not worth it IMO. gold is so short for soraka you gota be frugal. sometimes i like to go for a CD reduction item over the 2nd aura to cap out CD reduction. or pure AP after soul shroud. if you go pure AP build from the start you should make sure and take ghost/flash.

EDIT: since the patch i have started getting amplifying tomb and a mana pot, 2 start. from there i build meja soulstealer, into sould shroud/boots/picks in whatever order i deem best. cause i get allot of assists with this build. sometimes kills because i take exhaust usually.

general stratagy:

you are support 1st and foremost. your role is to ensure your teammates can kick the other team in the face without dying. you are not DPS dont expect to kill people unless you get lucky on an auto atk or starfall. this is no big deal your not very item dependent so you allies need the kills more than you. and you should be focusing on denying enemy creep kills more than getting them yourself.

when game starts make sure you say hi and get team talking so they will hopefully work together. lay out a quick strategy like hey lets start ganking in groups at lvl 7 or something. VERY important make sure you pick a good lane partner and call them out before the game starts. they need to have mana and be willing to use it. ask them if they are an aggressive player. to this end if in PUB game make sure you get someone like this to agree to lane with you before game starts. TIP: if your early lane went really well you should invite that person to be your friend and AT with them. people love healers this wont be hard to find keep an eye out.

good map awareness is essential for your ult a side benefit is that you know whats going on so you can help direct the team around. make sure ANY time ANY of your 4 teammates below 1/2 health you know the reason why and if you can or should help them.

you have no counters to cc unless u waste summoner spells on it. don't sit up at the front of the battle, beware of backdoor and bushes and keep moving. don't sit still and start at health bars mid team fight you will die. dance in and out of starcall range or just dance around randomly if you have to.

her Auto atk has the longest reach in the game i think. this is great for early game harassment and zone control also why i take the atk speed runes.(EDIT i dont use atk speed runes anymore i have all the runes i want for her now. i mostly go CD reduction. it would be intresting to try a crit chance and atk speed book on her.)

zone control and harassment early game is the key to success with soraka. watch the soraka video below it helped me allot despite the little girl presenting it. basically if you can deny the other team gold kills and exp by keeping them far away from the battle the whole time you shut 2 heroes down which really hurts there team as a whole. if you can get a kill or 2 all the better. it's important to let your lanemate know that you will keep the heroes back he should try and get as many creep kills as he can. hit tab when mid game starts and see how well you did by looking at how many creep kills you and your lane partner got. compare that to the bad guys, also by looking at your lvls. you can be 1-2 up on them when your lvl 6 or 7 if you do really well. dream scenario you held 1 or 2 of them out of xp range as well as gold range, then beat em on creep kills. this has a HUGE impact on the game.


early game:

look at your lanemate and the bad guy's items. if your buddy has a HP regen item dont top them off when there close. if you see an enemy champ with no way to regen HP then he is your target. harass the **** out of him. disregard attacking the creeps unless your going to last hit 1. concentrate on using your great range to pop off shots at bad guy's every chance you get. im serious with your range there's no reason you cant atk them wherever they are unless there standing outa xp/gold farming range which is the main point. this will push them back and stop from getting last hits and it adds up to decent damage over time lvl 1-8. also starfall them whenever possible after you pick it up. basically you will be spamming heal and infuse every time there up. make sure you and buddy are full hp and mana at all times. infuse actually does good damage and a silences so if your full on mana use it as often as u can to harras with. youll be surprised at how these 3 small dps outputs add up at low lvls. dont be afraid to burn your heal(summoner spell) spell early if you need it. and be rdy to pop your exhaust if a good opportunity arises. keep an eye out for low hp creeps and hit a starfall to grab some cash. you and your lanemate should be able to stay for a loong time. i usually choose when i go back not because i need 2. remember when u get wish start spending any down time you have on map awareness. and remind your team to call for heal if they need it. i tell them to just type "h" in case there in trouble.

mid game 2 Late game:

so you should have bought some items and headed back to your lane or wherever there is a group of teammates. encourage some of your team to group up and gank squad some peeps. this is were soraka shines. its early enough her heals really turn the tide of the fight usually scoring your team some kills and some towers. your auto atk is not really as helpful as it was low lvl now but still theres no reason not to use it unless there are 3 or more heroes then you should be standing back to not get stunned. make sure you keep an eye on all you teams HP's in this period wish can really turn the tide by saving fleeing teammates.

when the big 4v4 or 5v5 goes down you better be there rdy for action or your team could lose the game. my favorite combo is wish, heal(summoner), and a second wish if its still going. of course always spam your blessing and infuse as soon as they are up. let me explain this more. when 1 teams tank initiates the fight and the carry comes up and damages someone and maybe an aoe went off in your group use wish. the team is at 3/4 to 1/2 HP and your topping them off but it's worth it. then you bless the guy that is getting focused if you haven't already and infuse something(infuse can stop chain spells like nunu or fiddle or you can silence the jestr to shut his DPS off ect..). at this point people are all hurt again so you pop your sweet AOE heal and rally if you took it and you team is all at 3/4 to full HP. not to mention you have a couple armour buffs, magic resist debuffs and an aura going. so now if the fight goes for a minuet you can use wish again to chase or continue the push FTW. if you take exhaust its important to save this for mid to late fight dont use right away some1 else on your team will probably use theres. you want it to help your team catch that guy thats gona try and run or turn the tide if it's close mid fight.

if you happen to lose this battle prolly because your team didn't group up. make sure every1 goes as a 5 man group to try again. i say this because many times you can turn around a losing game by winning a couple team battles. and the other team beat you a couple times but with all the healing you make them have to be on the ball every time.


so basically this is the plan. you go mid until lvl 6-8 at which point a teammate comes up into the bushes while you purposefully let then push you back some and he ganks em. at this point you go to the lane with 2 peeps in it an heal and mana them up before porting back and going to the other lane or back mid, but have your buddy stay with you. this is great so that you can start spaming wish really early on and potentially stop ganks from anywere on the map giving your team a huge edge. for this build i get more mana regen, mana pots and i buy that tear item that increases max mana. another good idea is to have a hero like twitch come to mid whenever you get the other heroe low. this way you feed the real carry and shut down there carry.

but your going to die!!!! well i actually do great when i do this but i dont ask for it and it doesn't come up often. they were way behind in xp and creep kills as well as low HP so they were gankable. sure i didn't kill them(sometimes i do) but hey it sure slowed them down while making me have more $$ than i would usually get in a game. all i did was auto atk, starcall, infuse on them over and over and over. they burned there pots then just sat in the back crying. you do have to be very careful about MIA's though as a hero outa the bushes will be your death. so i take ghost/flash for this if i can before game starts. anyway try it out and let me know if it works for you and what heroes counter her 1v1.

well thats my guide i hope you enjoyed it and im looking forward to hearing what you all think of my product of boredom at school.

P.S. if you have a team or group of friends and want a healer id love to find a group that plays evenings i live in socal right by the server =)

EDIT: AP item build(i am really liking this build the more i try it. it really lacks survivability. i always end up with 5 or more deaths with this build. i feel that is just a number and almost all the deaths i in turn saved the other guy or two that was running with me. you have to understand the pecking order. the healer should die first if two people are trying to get away and that's ok. the death penalty in this game is small. i don't usually pick up mej soulstealer with this build because i have such low survivability. i end most games 250-500 AP easy.) and my blessing does around 600. my wish is over 1k. this is the best build to have if the game goes to lvl 18. but i find most games don't with her. i play random Q.

START with an amp tomb into a soul stealer. this is great after the aura heal assist thing.

then spend the rest of your cash on 3-5 kage picks if its before 20 min. and basic boot.

from there you fill your inventory with blasting wands into a zhyon's ring into more blasting wands. sell off the pick's as you need the invetory space but try and hold them for 10 min each at least.

then you build whatever you want if it get to that point. get AP with a cool unique.

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Jamie Fawley

Senior Member


nice thread, but in my soraka build i throw in a heartlocket,very nice mana regen aura + every single time ur spamming starfall all your nearby allies get 50health and 20 mana which stacks up really fast esp. ontop of ur other heals. And honestly i would say AP would be very very last item for sure since your spells dont get an amazing ratio or their pretty slow cooldowns, any aura item would be better or guardian angel if they focus you(which they should)

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Senior Member


Formatting and capitalization. Oh god.

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Senior Member


Har har, "420 nights"

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Senior Wrenchman


Couple of comments,

1. Not sure why you'd go attack speed and crit damage runes, they're really not going to add anything to Soraka as none of your item build and really her character in general is not suited to do any real dps with auto-attacks. You'd be much better off going for survivability.

2. You said not to use Heal on an ally with a mostly full heal bar early game, but if you're going the Blessing/Infuse route as opposed to starcall route, and your first item is the mana manipulator, you shouldn't really have mana problems. Spamming Blessing at all times allows you not only to keep your lane healed, it also adds a 35 armor buff which can be pretty big early on.

3. I know everyone's big on the aura buffs for Soraka, but Starks is probably one aura item you can ignore. Generally this is grabbed by a physical damage teammate since they'll see more use out of the stats that aren't included with the aura (attack speed). You'd be better off going with what Jamie said regarding the Locket or with something like Frozen Heart, which also adds an aura and gives you increased survivability and cooldown.

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Senior Member


This is similar in a lot of ways to how I build her, except I built her 0/21/9 for survivability, and for runes I go either AP or Mana Regen (I haven't played enough to know which one is actually better off. For items I do pretty much the same except I go something like mana manipulator-merc treads-soul shroud- aegis- frozen heart (if it goes on long enough)

That maxes out CD reduction (if it lasts that long) and ends up being more effective than taking ap items. (instead of healing for twice as much, you heal half as much twice as often which means you get that slight 35 armor buff/silence/global heal more too) Not to mention all the auras that you wouldn't get with pure AP!

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@ jamie the awsome

well you get the same mana regen with the soul stone. but i like the CD aura to further all my teams DPS along with my heals. it takes so long to get the locket that it just doesnt seem worth it to me. that said i will experiment some more with it. do you rush it 1st item?

@ Aregionius

1. well mostly cause my runes are for blitz. but the atk speed hlps get off hit and run popshots. i would recomend full CD runes and maybe HP.

2. were did i say that i thought i said spam it every chance you get.

3. ya i dont really go starks because games dont last that long. but i have started trying to convince my team to pick one up. i also try and get my tank to pick up a spirit visage.

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i reworked this guide after playing allot more games with her. also made it better on the eyes.

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Senior Member


Soul shroud is kinda weak and expensive. I think its better to rush an Aegis, then soul shroud --> starks.

Mana manipulator make you quite squishy and I usually start with a Doran's ring (I go a locket build but still)

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u forgot about the innervating locket in ur build... it's basically a free heal everytime you cast an ability (spamming starfall for example). Also, Frozen heart might be ok to look into with soraka (gives an aura debuff for ur enemies) or Rylais (starfall = slow)