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The matchmaking system...

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As much as i appreciate this game, and I am trying really hard to build a loing list of buddys (60 so far) often i still have to solo queue.
It's the 4 th game in a row where i see me as lvl 30 and i have 4 others lvl 1-4.
And of course asking the other what lvl they are every time it was 4 lvl 30's and 1 mid lvl (13-18).
Now this is getting 1 annoying due the noobs doint even listen to you no matter how you ask them. And secondly it's destroying pleasure in game. You queue up hoping for equal games and since the new patch, I often seem to be playing against either a pre-made (yes i asked and they confirmed + checking on ventrilo to see if they are in a grp togetehr when they say thay arn't is also kinda funny) It is not correct.
I've had enough of myself reaching lvl 18 and my hole team on lvl 10-13's.
Having noob's in the game is always going to be present, and i dont mind that as you have to learn sometime, BUT having unfair matches is wrong.
2 lvl 30's and 3 noobs vs 1 lvl 30 and 4 noobs is one thing, i wont complain but 1 lvl 30, 4-10's vs 5 lvl 30's or 4 lvl 30's and a good established lvl 15 just aint right.
I'm hoping i can get some backing on this and hopefully riot will twink that mathmaking system.

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I just want to add to this. Firstly yeah i am noob , so dont get too pissed at me for writing this
Not only does this little Matchmaking issue cause issues for the high lvl players but for the noobs as well. I too have found myself in a simalar team of 3 or 4 noobs with a 1 or 2 high level players vs an almost full team of high level players. All that happens in this situation is the low level players get wailed on by ALL the high level players present through the game and no one gets anywhere...

Alternatively the high lvl players seeing all the noobs in their team just goes afk..... meaning the team goes one or two players short

So yeah i too strongly would like to see the matching making system tweaked to at least get even teams of 5 made during a public match

By the way Odinswill, I have yet to find (out of the 5 solo games i have plyed thus far) one high level player willing to give helpful advice rather than just bitch at you for being a noob