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[Guide] Kennen - 1.21Gigawatts

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I love Kenny but I have to agree with Krits, While Ken can do a considerable burst and we keep tooting about the stun, keep in mind that when people are walking around with merc boots, this stun is almost negligible. As far as I know, when a person reaches 3 marks it's not an additional bonus damage, it stuns for .6 seconds (with merc boots). Sadly underpowered. Kennen is due for a big buff, and let's hope that riot takes care of us especially since Kennen costs 6.3kip

on a second note, We agree that Kennen is a harasser and so I really think that surge is a much better harassing tool and should be maxed out before shruiken. rack up 4 hits and then auto attack a hero to mark them and then smash "W" and back out. That's harassment. Shruiken is an attack to use coming out of dash, or if champs get careless, and you combo it with a surge. Also, surge/dash combo is amazingly awesome for farming creeps. But that's just my opinion.

At any rate, Kennan is not an initiator, and while he's a ranged caster, you may as well consider him a melee dps, since two of his spells require him to be in deathly close proxy with a 1sec survivability stun that takes time to rack up. Ryze has a nice stun/nuke combo, fiddle has a silence life steal combo. there is no really substance for Kennen in the fray. So waiting until all disables have been popped on the tank or others and then dashing in is how I think Kennen should be played.

just imho.

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hmm.. i always maxed shuriken the last.. coz i suck at aiming.. so i prefer maxed "w" n "e" than shuriken in the early n mid game..