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[Suggestions] Top 10 Requests

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The Real Smoff

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Nice list. #8 and a few others are being worked on right now.

#4 is what needs to be worked on.

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I am for this, especially number 11 (all of the above).

Edit: Oh wow, disregard this entire thread, last red post was back in September of last year. Seems as though ever since the buyout Riot could care less about its players and their opinions. So long as they keep rolling out champions and skins and keep raking in cash they'll be content. So I propose that noone spends a penny on this company until they A: release Magma Chamber B: release the graphics overhaul C: address the ENTIRE list posted here and D: actually starts developing real content for this game and not just new champions and skins every week...

Oh well, with DotA2 on the horizon, if they don't get their act together, they'll be stomped out in a split second upon its arrival. GG Riot, GG.

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i would like to have shortcut little avatars of enemy team members. just like you have for your own team on the left side. only this would be on top of your hud for example... it would make a world of difference in teamfights when soraka has to silence malzahar, or rammus has to taunt somebody etc.. but cant target it since there are 8 more champions around him.

also chat on loading screen for solo queue...

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To Riot Staff,

Instead of saying nice post it would be very nice to know exactly what your working on and what your not. While some of these suggestions have already been implemented others have not. Most of these suggestions I agree to especially reflecting the map so that you appear to start on bottom every time. Would also be nice to customize reccomended items to be what you wanted. For the most part I have a set buy order for every champion I play. While I know where to find these items would be easier if I didnt have to make so many clicks to get to this item.

All I am trying to say is that I know I would be happier to know exactly what riot staff thinks of ideas. For example we are working on this, we are not working on this, and so on.

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UI Designer


@galcyonis Well, as a guide, if one of us UI designers posts on a topic it probably means we'd like to do something similar. If we don't, it probably means that the topic has been covered before and there's nothing new to say at this time, or the idea is impractical or outside the scope of our expertise (*many* requests are actually game design features).

Also, you will *almost never* see me confirming that we're working on something. We take confidentiality very seriously at Riot and only specific people are supposed to introduce new features to the community. I can promise you that we're not sitting here twiddling our thumbs though!

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QA Analyst

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<closing as this is over a year old...>