Maestro Error (started after Patch)

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Whenever I press the play button from the LoL launcher, the login screen pops up and states Mestro Erorr: Unable to connect to

This problem started today, post-patch and I'm positive that I did not change my firewall settings or the settings on my router. I'm also certain that the ports used by LoL (in the wiki) are open. Is it possible that this patch switched which ports are used? Is it possible that the patcher did not update my version so now a version mismatch is killing my Maestro identification?

Please help! Tried renstall, disabling the windows (firewall) just in case. There is no virus softewar on my computer (windows defender) on Windows 2003 is disabled and I took down the firewall on my router, restarted it and my computer and did a port scan to make sure that the port was open.

However, when I tried reinstalling, the 2.2 mb download launcher did not go through much of an update process. Could the update have failed and caused a version mismatch? Help please, want to use the money I spent to get Leona to get Leona before the deal ends!

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I am having the exact same problem.