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[Guide] Sivir, Death Blade

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"You may call me mistress, but only on your knees."

Sivir is probably one of the easiest, cheap and underplayed heroes you can buy that can go versus 90% of all champions and getting away safe and sound. However she has a lot more to offer than meets the eye, and her abilities speak for it. We will look into them into more detail later, for now just to mention them.

- [Q] Boomerang Blade
Sivir hurls her crossblade like a boomerang, dealing Magic Damage to the first unit and 10% reduced damage to each subsequent target.

- [W] Ricochet
Sivir's basic attacks will bounce to additional target(s), dealing 22% less damage with each bounce (only the first hit procs item effects).

- [E] Spell Shield
Creates a magical barrier which blocks a single enemy ability used on Sivir. Lasts up to 3 seconds. If an ability is blocked by the shield, Sivir regains 125 mana.

- [R] On The Hunt
Grants Sivir and nearby allies 25% of extra movement speed and a percentage of attack speed (half for allies) for 15 seconds.

Passive: Sprint
Sivir has an increased dodge chance by 10 / 15 / 20 / 25% while moving.

Let's elaborate her abilities now (generally... not only for the guide)

1. Boomerang Blade is your main nuke. Doesn't matter what kind of Sivir you play, this is how you farm so well, clear paths of creeps, harass and kill champions. This is your golden trump card that you can spam often. Even if you are full of damage; and Boomerang Blade does not get any additional damage hence you don't play AP, when against champions that can outrun you (by some chance) this is your ability to slice them in half at serious range.

It requires practice. Boomerang Blade is a single line missile that deals damage both ways. You need to learn your basics, this ability will get your gold for the far superior items that you and your team will really benefit from. If you are new to this, play a few practice games, get high on mana regeneration and push lanes mostly by throwing blades. Learn to anticipate enemy movement. Throw it at champions directly a few times until they smarten up. When you see them avoiding your blade, throw it on the side that they are going when you cast it. Chances are, you will hit and score yourself a kill. Wow, nice skill!

Timing and positioning are the most valuable things to learn and practice Boomerang Blade. Time to lure and bait champions ( we will talk more about this later) and position her so that she will hit both the minions ( if there are any ) and hit the champion both ways, dealing most of damage, possibly killing if its on low health. A good example of this is: you time and position yourself infront of any lane tower. If a hero is teleporting away, and you see the minions coming; throw the blade in such line that will hit all minions both ways and earn you a kill.

The blade passes through objects, bushes and towers. You can wait in a bush near an enemy tower and wait for a champion to teleport. Hide behind forests, near creep spawns and bushes. An enemy hero got away from your allies on low hp? That's why your here. Position yourself wherever you are and wait for the champion to either pass by or teleport and give him/her the blade. Grats, you got a kill with little to no effort.

NOTE: Throwing the blade when pushing a tower alone should be only when you are running away ( out of tower range ) or when you are going in for a kill. Otherwise, hitting a champion will get you pumped with damage from the tower.

2. Ricochet is your second ( in my guide last ) best skill to farm creeps, deal additional damage and really kill everything around when you are just hitting a single target. It bounces off the unit you are attacking, going to a next enemy unit near the one you attack, dealing less damage ( 22% to be exact ) and bouncing again. It works wonders when farming neutral spawns, pushing a tower, inhibitor or in team fights.

Ricochet drains your mana with every attack and can be either left toggled on ( means automatically hitting Ricochet when you attack ) or toggled off. It scales with damage, so the more damage you have, more damage will every bounce of your original attack do. Please notice that only the first hit from Ricochet will active on-hit effects like Frozen Mallet, Sheen, Black Cleaver and so on.

In team fights, or near enemy tower, inhibitor Ricochet will make sure you hit everything nearby just by you hitting the structure. Its an excellent way to deal extra damage to every champion and possibly earn you a kill or two ( never done a penta kill with it )

NOTE: Its dangerous to push a tower alone with Ricochet on when there is atleast one enemy champion nearby. Chances are high Ricochet will bounce to the enemy champion and get the tower pumping you with loads of damage. Use your common sense when to leave it toggled on and when not to. If the tower doesn't have much health and enemy minions are nearby, if you think you can hit and run fast enough to clear the whole path even with tower shooting at you. you can use Ricochet to effectively clean everything. Otherwise if you think you might die because you don't have much health, armor or damage its best if you go slow and/or ask for your allies help.

3. Spell Shield
is one of the best and maybe one of the underplayed and misunderstood spells in the game. It can block one enemy spell no matter of what nature. It is like Banshee's Veil only it restores mana to Sivir when she successfully blocks a spell.

This gets casters to fear you. Karthus especially hates Spell Shield, not to mention Ryze who fears his Rune Prison will get sucked away by the spell shield. If he doesn't fear you, then you can show him that he should. Spell Shield can block any spell's damage and effect it has on you. ( sometimes Jax's stun seems to affect even though spell shield is active. This happened to me a few times. )

Spell Shield requires extreme knowledge of timing. Timing is everything when using it to negate some spell, intentionally. It lasts very short ( 3 seconds ), so its really important for you to know when to pop it up and get you saved by it. You have to have game experience to do this, so I can't teach you solely here. You must play games and see the moment of team fights, solo pushes and ganks to really "get" the timing. If you manage 8 out of 10 Spell Shields successfully, you got it made. Nobody can be sure when a spell will be cast at you, so not even experience will get you to always hit it when you should. But it will provide you with good sense with when to and when to not.

It can also block Karthus's ultimate. Because of the delay you have to give it a few seconds before popping up shield.

NOTE: Spell Shield is very powerful but it can also be used in vain and get you killed because you didn't time it well. If you activate it when an enemy casts a spell and that spell is on its way to you, the shield will fail. You must activate it before spell cast or in the exact split second moment. As I said, timing is everything with this spell. And not all spells hit the same or take the same time to hit, so you should know a little about the champions you are playing against. Its not same to pop up spell shield when you see Karthus's ulti and defend against Jax's Leap Strike thinking you can activate it later too.

4. On The Hunt (Ultimate) One of the reasons why having Sivir on a team can get a team from tower one to inhibitor in matter of minutes. It gives you and allies around you movement speed and attack speed. This is also one of reasons people build aura items on Sivir, so she can support carry the entire team to the enemy nexus.

But that is not all this spell does. The boosts you get will surely give your allies the edge they need to push a lane, chase and kill a champion and better chance in team fights. It can also save you from being ganked when pushing a lane alone and doing it fine. Nobody likes Sivir messing up their towers (they know you do it really well) so most likely if you do not run away, they will try and gank you. You can pop your ulti, run fast like hell and use your other abilities to cause disorder among the gank party.

In the above situation, activating Spell Shield while you have your ulti and running away from two or more champions somehow reduces their morale. Hell, they have to use two spells just to catch you and its a question if they will kill you.

Passive: Sprint is a very nice addition, giving you extra chance to dodge a hit when moving. Its good information, giving you survivability when escaping or chasing and an opportunity to bait and lure champions into chasing you, and have your team mates gank them up.

I will leave you to whatever masteries you want, but only underline the following:

Arhaic Knowledge
(Your spells penetrate 15% of target's magic resistance)
Havoc (Increases your physical damage and magic damage by 5%)
Ardor (Increases your champion's ability power and attack speed by 0.66%, and an increasing amount summing to an additional 0.66% at level 18)
Strength of Spirit (Increases your champion's health regeneration by 0.3% of your maximum mana)
Awareness (Increases the amount of experience your champion gains by 5%)

Having the correct masteries varies from build to build. I underlined those that I use or would use most often, with the Sivir I am speaking about. Sivir can benefit greatly from any masteries and its not in any case error if you choose more mana and health regeneration, faster attack rate or more armor. Especially if you get full Utility, this means she will be fast, have lots of mana, health and mana regeneration and reduced cooldowns on summoner and champion spells. She will also make passively more gold, if you took Greed. Some people consider it useless, and yes its not much but its a plus.

Take a careful look at masteries. Choose wisely but furthermore know what kind of Sivir you wish to play before you do.

NOTE: This is not the best strategy there is; other ways always exist. Nor are the masteries that I mentioned. I am not saying it is, so don't flame me for outlining what works best for me. Thanks!

In the previous outline of this guide I said that runes don't matter much. They do, and they surely give you the boosts in what you want to put. My build on runes is about overall balance rather than single thing, so here it is:

-For Quintessence I use more gold each 10 seconds. I just like the extra gold I'm getting, combined with a few items that give gold in game this turns to profit, even when I am not pushing any lanes or farming. I know that Quintessence that gives movement speed would really be great to have, especially since you want to move very fast and never get caught. Attack speed, critical chance and damage would also be great. I don't play AD Sivir so I don't use them. But if I start playing, I will surely get any one of those runes. Master's choice; your choice

-For Marks I use magic penetration. Combined with Sorcery Shoes and Haunting Guise it gives me such damage when using Boomerang Blade. It cuts right through champions magic resist, doing serious pain. Critical runes are also a very good choice as well, because you still need to hit towers even as AP, so get those if you want

-For Seals I use mana regeneration (Seal of Clarity). I like having lots of mana even without any mana regeneration item. When I do get Chalice, I never bother with mana ever again. Ability power runes would really be great here, but I prefer having good mana flow rather than good ability without too much mana

-For Glyphs I use cooldown reduction. Not those that give cooldown per level, but overall runes. With all it gives me around 6-7%. Its good; I like it. But if you think in game items will help you much faster to cap 40% cooldown reduction, then definitely either get critical damage or ability power runes

Item Builds

NOTE: All item builds refer either to more support less damage, or less support more damage. This entire build circles around Boomerang Blade and it makes Sivir really squishy, even more squishy than AD since you don't rely on lifesteal, damage and attack speed but on ability power.

[Support AP]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I made a huge mistake in last guide posting that Innervating Locket could be activated using Ricochet. Maybe I was under some mind control by an alien hiding in my ceiling when I posted that. It does not. I am a noob for saying it did and arguing on it. Thanks guys for telling me I suck... now I will atleast not say such trash information

Ok, less self flaming, here we go. Support AP is around having balance between ability power, giving your enemies chill in the spine from your Boomerang Blade and having more aura items and overall survivability. Lets see what I have used and what worked good:

-Boots of (Mobility/Quickness I suggest either one of these instead of Sorcerer Shoes. You will be able to push lanes and retreat or run to another lane with ease. Avoiding or escaping ganks will surely be because one of these items while chasing champions will put you very close to them in order to cast your blade and finish them off)

-Chalice of Harmony
(A must, in every Sivir build. You need your mana to flow all the time)

-Innervating Locket/Rod of Ages/Banshee's Veil/Frozen Heart
(Any one of these will give you what you need to be more tough and act tough. You may want to skip Banshee's Veil unless enemy team is full of stunners and casters; remember that you have Spell Shield too, so this is for extreme situations too. In which case Rod of Ages will give you Health, Mana and Ability power and give you great support survivability. Innervating Locket is a great choice, for your Boomerang Blade is always on low cooldown, therefor you can spam it and keep the mana and health around your allies good. Frozen Heart is especially good for you to slow the attack speed of enemy champions while benefiting from large mana quantity, armor and cooldown reduction)

If you need more boosting items rather than survivability, you can skip the above list. Its wise if you buy both, but it can still be a better choice to just buy something else like:

-Stark's Fervor/Aegis of the Legion (As I said many times before, even thought you play AP Sivir and cause lots of damage with your blade; you still need to push towers and hit them. Therefor making a hybrid build with any of these or both of these will give your team pushing skills. Starks will reduce enemy armor, give your allies attack speed and lifesteal... that means more survivability even when you are AP. Aegis will boost magic resist, armor and damage not for only your ally champions but for minions too!)

-Haunting Guise/Mejai (Haunting Guise is something you should get for every AP build, because it gives health, ability power, cooldown reduction, magic penetration and spell vamp which will prove very useful. You can get Mejai rather than Haunting Guise or get both. With great team fights and pushing skills, charges will flood and you will do even more damage with your blade. )

This is as far as I go because I haven't played a game longer than this. It shouldn't matter more than this, anything you get will be good. Even Warmogs... ok not warmogs

[AP Support]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The following guide refers to Sivir being a killer rather than just a support. With this guide you will be truly squishy, have little to no defense and can't afford to be caught off guard. Its risky, and I advice you to not play this unless you are really experienced in escaping, ganking, chasing and pushing. You can try the above item list first, it gives lot more survivability rather than just plain magic power.

NOTE: Sivir is extremely squishy here. You rely on well placed Boomerang Blades and Spell Shields. You need more practice before trying this one out. Practice few games first, see the mechanics and of course, nothing is a MUST follow. You can always pick. Also, you have to have advance knowledge of champion's abilities. That is your golden card for countering them. Especially here, since you can die quite easily.

Lets see what we have for this build:

-Sorcerer Shoes ( You will need that magic penetration in order to harvest kills and easy farming. This is a 90% successful item in any game. I may suggest you go with Ninja Tabi or Mercury Treads if the team your against is full on either melee or magic. Your choice )

-Chalice of Harmony (A must, in every Sivir build. You need your mana to flow all the time)

-Mejai's Soulstealer/Haunting Guise/Deathfire Grasp (Lets look at them closely. Mejai is certainly an item you should get, because nothing can boost you early game when it is your job to push lanes and kill champions like a Mejai would. 10 AP per kill, 200 AP on 20 charges with 15% cooldown reduction. Haunting Guise will add a lot to your stats, but not like Mejai would, but it reduces the need to kill and you can play a bit more safe with this. You get standard 20 AP, 180 Health which makes you more survivable. The 20 magic penetration combines with your Sorcerer Shoes and your runes/masteries allowing you a cutting edge. The spell vamp is one of many reasons to get this, since it heals you. Deathfire Grasp is a tricky item, but it gives you one more nuke you can use and earn kills with it. It does 30% of their current health (+3.5% per 100 Ability Power) with a miminum of 200 damage. Combine with Mejai and you can do around 300-500 damage once per minute. And the item as an item gives you 10 mana regeneration per 5, 15% reduced cooldowns and a cool 60 AP boost).

-Rylai's Scepter/ Void Staff/ Archangel Staff/ Nashor's Tooth (Rylai is my 80% of all games item I buy, because besides a Lizard Buff or a slow/stunner with me, I have no ways of slowing the target down without compromising my build and buying something like Phage, which I don't want. Rylai is the perfect choice. Not only it gives 500 Health, which increases your survivability pretty much and boosts you with 80 AP, spells now slow your target by 35% seconds for single target or 15% for multi target spells. Void staff is something I always get, before or after Rylai. With this item, my blades hurt so much its disgustingly cute how things die. It gives you 70 AP and your spells now penetrate 40% of the target magic resist. If you want more mana to spam the blade and have overall no need to worry if you have mana or not, Archangel Staff is your way to go. It boosts you with 400 mana, 25 mana regeneration per 5, 45 AP and you can get a whooping 1000 bonus mana from casting spells, having 2.5% of that converted into ability power. That should really be tempting. Last but not least, if you desire for overall good balance of stats, there is no item like Nashor's Tooth. It gives you 50% attack speed, which you can really benefit from when pushing towers, 55 AP, 25% reduced cooldowns which is awesome and 10 mana regeneration per 5)

-Zhonya's Ring/Lich Bane/Guinsoo Rageblade (I always get my Zhonya after I get Rylai. For a whopping 120 AP and 25% of your total AP is converted into more AP! Plus lets not forget that it gives you a spell that you can pop up when in most dire need and give you 2 second invulnerability. This is where Sivir's blade makes a horror scene, you really butcher out with it. And if you have Deathfire, that nuke will now be bigger and hurt more. Lich Bane is your second best alternative that you might not benefit as much as with Zhonya, but considering that you throw out autoattacks in blade throw, spell shield pops, its wise to have your attacks hurt more. It gives you 350 Mana, 30 magic resist, 80 AP and 7% movement speed which isn't much but you benefit from it and its most used ability; 100% chance when an ability is used that your next physical attack deals an additional 100% of your Ability Power in damage. Guinsoo is another item I consider very useful however I do not buy it alot, but when I did it earned me many kills. In combination with Lich Bane, it will devastate your enemies. It gives you 35 AD which isn't bad, your attacks now do more damage, 45 AP and on attack or spell cast, increases your Attack Speed by 4% and Ability Power by 6 which stacks up to 8 times. Great for pushing, great for knocking off towers while still benefiting some AP boost)

After this, whatever you buy is ok as long as it doesn't hurt the dynamics of Sivir. You can combine two items from the above lists to get maximum benefits. I also haven't mentioned other AP items, you can sure try them out as well:

-Abyssal Scepter (+70 Ability Power +57 Magic Resistance UNIQUE Aura: Reduces the Magic Resist of nearby enemy champions by 20.) *If you really hone to magic penetration and reducing their magic resistance, this in combination with Sorcerer Shoes, Haunting Guise, Void Staff will make a devastating combo. Buy Zhonya to finish the build and you have a blade that will kill anything

-Trinity Force (+20 Damage, +30 Ability Power, +25% Attack Speed, +12% Crit Chance, +12% Move Speed, +300 Health, +300 Mana, UNIQUE Passive: 25% chance on hit to slow the target by 35% for 2.5 seconds; on cast, increases your base Attack Damage by 130% for one attack.)
*You would surely benefit from all of these stats, giving you so much survivability and overall everything. I wouldn't buy this, but if you want you can

-Soul Shroud (+520 Health UNIQUE Aura: Gives nearby Champions 12 Mana per 5 and 15% reduced Cooldowns.) *It does boost survivability and enhance mana regeneration and reduce cooldowns for your team as well. I would buy this as a support rather than for a straight damage Sivir, but be my guest if you want.

Anything else you can think of I haven't mentioned or overlooked, tell me about it and I might add it in and give you credits. I think that with all this information, its good to know that you can also buy other stuff, like Thornmail, Rauidin's Omen and maybe even Sunfire Cape for support build as well.

Thanks to @CaptainClash who gave me a few things I forgot to mention. Credits go to him for mentioning dynamics for Deathfire Grasp and Lich Bane.

Also thanks to @QUICKSLIDE for his raging tongue and anti-AP Sivir discussions. Please check his guide for playing Sivir AD. And of course for beating the truth into me about Innervating Locket+Ricochet. It doesn't work. I said it so many times

Thank you all and until next time enjoy.

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Senior Member


Hmm, why locket instead of chalice? I start with a pendant, then tech to chalice asap. Once I have it, W goes on and never off again (except when there's a tower and an enemy champ within range).

A trick to make spellshield more useful during solomid is to bait the enemy. Run out of range, then just stand there, act like you're last hitting, keep an eye on the approaching enemy. As soon as he's about to get into spell range, hit the shield and throw a blade at him. Due to the surprise of having his spell blocked, he'll get hit by the blade, usually twice at max range.

After a while he'll wise up and stop casting on you immediately. If nothing happens within the first second, head his way. He can't cast and will probably run to avoid a clobbering. Usually he's out of exp range by the time he realises his auto attack may be better than yours. Proceed with last hitting.

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You can buy whatever you wish, Chalice is good if you have a bad mid game and your mana seems to drain really fast. You can still get it, then you won't ever need to get any other mana regeneration item.

Why locket? Already explained above. Its like a burst of health and mana to all champions. Every 3 seconds. You know, many will not know and probably not notice. Those that do will first - flame you a lot, then thank you ****ing much.

Grab both if you want - Leave Ricochet on for forever. And toss blades like terrorist do molotov cocktails. Seriously, what better support that gives you:

-Mana & Health every 3 seconds
-Lets say you have Stark's Fervor, you give lifesteal and attack speed while reducing enemy armor
-Movement and attack speed from On The Hunt

Imagine Alistar is with you. Make a campfire and stay in lane until creeps dry out, then go back like Donald Trump and buy whatever your brain wants. Just have fun with it, buy whatever you want, Chalice or Locket, or both! Then build some stark's fervor, aegis and be the ultimate support, massacre Sivir in existance!

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Innervating Locket triggers off of Ricochet throws? Interesting. Wouldn't that mean things like Sheen, Archangel, etc...?

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Junior Member


Just tested it and no, it doesn't trigger from Ricochet. So all you have to activate it is Boomerang Blade, Spellshield, and Ult... not alot really.

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This is a great guide for smurf pub stomping but it is quite terrible for anyone who takes the game at all seriously.

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Senior Member


I didn't know ricochet was working with innervation ? could it be a bug ?
gonna test, if it's true then its actually amazing

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@Shalcker - I've played her long enough to say: Ricochet did activate Innervating Locket every 3 seconds. I wouldn't bother writing 2/3 of this guide if it didn't.

But lets say it doesn't work now. Spamming Q will make enemies QQ anyways, still worthy item to make. I will have to test it again to see which abilities trigger it now.

Thanks for pointing out.

@hightech - Its a game isn't it? I've played with high and low players, sure they are harder to trick with blades, innevitably they die or you die.

=] its good. I'm just writing a guide for what I play. Thanks for pointing out my guide's terrible :P

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Senior Member


@Shalcker - I've played her long enough to say: Ricochet did activate Innervating Locket every 3 seconds. I wouldn't bother writing 2/3 of this guide if it didn't.

But lets say it doesn't work now. Spamming Q will make enemies QQ anyways, still worthy item to make. I will have to test it again to see which abilities trigger it now.

Thanks for pointing out.

@hightech - Its a game isn't it? I've played with high and low players, sure they are harder to trick with blades, innevitably they die or you die.

=] its good. I'm just writing a guide for what I play. Thanks for pointing out my guide's terrible :P

Wow you ultra noob. Ricochet dopes NOT activate locket.

Your guide is terrible. Getting AP on Sivir is only viable in ultra low tier pub stomps.

Runes are VERY important you noob. Saying you dont care and neither should anyone else just goes to show how little you understand about lol and Sivir.

Your item build is just awful. REALLY awful.

The more I reasd your guide, the more I feel the need to chop it up into pieces and go through and tell you exactly how and why you are very very wrong.

I spent a lot of time teaching this community what Sivir does and how she works and it really bothers me when ultra noobs like you come here and post GARBAGE like this.

If this works for you you no doubt play at a level no higher then newbie island.

You know what, when i get to the office I am going to post again and split this up into its many and varied horrible ideas.

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Senior Member


The only thing useful I got from this guide is to not turn Ricochet on at early levels. Other than that your guide is seriously flawed. Once Quickslide dissects your post you'll understand what's wrong but you basically have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to Sivir. Innervating Locket does not proc off the mana drain of Ricochet, Boomerang Blade does not become incredibly OP with at 15% slow and AP, and you are not any more powerful by buying items such as Infinity's Edge that do not synergize at all with Sivir at all.

Nice try, but before writing about your "death blade" build please consider that there are many, many other ways to build Sivir which are all much more powerful and deadly than a powerful Boomerang Blade and that your build will neither be effective nor work outside of newbie island.

Edit: I'm not trying to sound harsh or anything here but you should look up the God Tier Aura Sivir guide which Quickslide provided a ton of input on. It details EVERYTHING you could ever want to know about Sivir and I'd highly recommend it to any new Sivir players, and it also explains Quickslide's response to you.


Hope this helps, happy tower knocking