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[Guide]Tryndamere The guy with the AWESOME NAME

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Okay guys, this is my first time making a guide, so don't hate on me about the layout or format or whatever, because I have no experience whatsoever on that. But about me, I'm around mid-elo with 350 wins positive around +50 or so. So that kind of gives you an idea of what level games I play. I guess my solo queue/premade is around 1:1.

I'm not going to talk about Tryndamere's story, or his skill descriptions because it is long and you can find it somewhere else. But I am going to tell you about my opinions on the hero.

This is probably the manliest man of all time. Yes, even more of a man than Udyr. This machine makes Udyr look like a little girl who broke her nails. Tryndamere is the embodiment of glass cannon. That is his mantra and also his appeal. His ultimate is what makes him so scary, but also what makes him so hard to use. Of course in low level games, you can just faceroll your keyboard and get 3 kills but in higher level games, the ult requires strict timing. Playing Tryndamere is living life on the edge.

Summoner Skills
Exhaust and Cleanse: NO EXCEPTIONS
I'm so sorry these skills have been so good to me, i just cannot consider anything else.

Exhaust: In my experience Tryndamere ends up chasing alot, especially when you popped your ultimate. The enemy always tries to kite you and kill you when your ultimate wears off. Well eff that! Exhaust their ass and proceed to make grass with their rear.

Cleanse: I cannot stress how amazing this skill is for Tryn. You absolutely need this. Silence? Cleanse, pop ulti. Snare? Cleanse cut down. Use this for the evildoers who want to try and stop your rampage. You can use this for chasing/ running away/ getting off ultimate when they think you can't. Use this for those pesky exhausts will otherwise make your ultimate USELESS. Learn to use cleanse and love it.
Note: You can cleanse timebombs, that will kill you . For darkwind, you cleanse and immediately hit ult so you don't get hit by another bounce.

Red: Armor pen. I have considered Crit chance and IMO it could be great as well, but I like the consistent damage.

Yellow: Dodge, Mitigation is awesome because Tryndamere goes down pretty easy. Dodging can save your life. Plus you'll have the mastery so you get a little ms boost after dodging which helps both ways.

Blue: CDR, less ultimate down time, more healing early game, whats not to love.

Quints: Armor Pen, more damage

Masteries: 21-9-0. Some of you are util fans, but I am a big dodge fan. And dodge can give you a nice edge over other carries.

Skill Build
If you are soloing mid, which I do like to do, get Blood Lust first. Otherwise, get spinning slash. The reason for this is that, there is a very very small chance for you to get FB in mid. Also the chances for a range/harassment mid is very high, so you start building charges. However on side lanes, with a competent lanemate, you can very easily get FB because tryn's crits hurt.

Build is: BL(or SS)->SS(or BL) -> Mocking -> Mocking -> Mocking -> Ultimate
So basically Ultimate > Mocking > BL > SS

I know people like to get Spinning Slash first, but the MS reduct and the Damage reduct can net you kills and save your life and Bloodlust heal is too important to pass up. Spinning slash is not a bad skill, but the other two are just much better. This is a standard build, and alot of Tryn guides use it.

This is where the differences in all Trynds come into play. The item build. Because there isn't much variation in anything else, the item build is pretty much the most important. I had success for 3 different builds, but my favorite one had to be the Frozen Mallet build.
I'm gonna list all of them for you and tell you the ups and downs of each so you can decide for yourself. But the one I recommend is the Frozen Mallet one.

Build 1 : Standard Infinity Rush
Start out : Agility Elixer + 5 hp pots
2x Avarice Blades
Zerker Greaves
Infinity Edge
Phantom Dancer
(Games pretty much over, but Bloodthirster or Cleaver)

This is a standard infinity edge rush. I had moderate success with it, but I do not really like it. The elixer in the beginning is for a first blood so you can get the blades faster. Tryndamere's killing potential is dangerously high with agility elixers, as i get them constantly throughout the game. The one in the beginning can determine whether you get FB or not. This build is fairly good, though I have to say, prepared to die. You do ALOT of damage, especially if you get the infinity edge early, but you also die very easily.

Build 2: Two x Phantom Dancer
Start out : Doran's shield + hp pot
Zerker Greaves
2 x Zeal
-> 2x PD
Infinity Edge
(Blood thirster or Cleaver)

I use to run this build as my main. This is a fairly consistent build, because of the massive dodge you achieve. 40% when you have the dodge seals to be exact. The problem you don't really get super uber strong until your second dancer. You kind of need your team on this one. TBH Tryn's damage is already pretty good without items, and with this build, you crit ALOT plus you have alot of movespeed. So basically you can chase very well and you crit alot, this time with alot of added survability vs physical because of the dodge. This works well because you can probably kill melee carries without popping your ult and when you face CC cleanse pop your ult and with the 1 hp and 8 BL charges, you hit 100% crit and you just rape them in the face in 2 or 3 hits.

Build3: Frozen Hammer
Brawler's Glove + 2 hp pots
2x Avarice Blades [ or 1 avarice blade and 1 EC]
Zerker Greaves
Frozen Mallet
(last whisper)
Infinity Edge

[EDIT] I have considered last whisper, I haven't played enough with it to truly deem it's effectiveness, but in the games i did get them, they both went fairly well. It's really up to you if you do want to get it, but if you do get it after mallet. You can also get it after phage but i really do enjoy the consistent slow.

[EDIT] I have tried executioners calling instead of the 2nd avarice blade it works well. Get it if you need it for heroes that heal.

I know you guys will be like OH TRYNDAMERE IS A GLASS CANNON, NO HP ITEMS PLOX. But this item is amazing on Trynd. I was a bit skeptical at first, until I tried it out. You die MUCH LESS with this build while still retaining alot of killing potential. Not only do you have HP , but you have a slow. Tryns main problem is positioning. You pop ulti to chase them past two towers and you finally kill them. But then you have to get back. Frozen mallet solves the problem immediately. With mocking shot and the slow, They aren't going anywhere ... except to the grey respawn screen. This makes you a nice teammate as well. I do agree that frozen mallet is an expensive item, and it does delay your edge. But to counter this problem I buy many agility elixers. Agility elixers is amazing because not only does it give you crit chance, it fixes one of Tryn's main problems -- his slow attack. With elixer on you do consistant 300+ crits, while do not seem alot, they do add up nicely. Once you finish I.E. the game is probably over.

The ultimate, this is what differentiates the noobs from the pros. Know the game well, know what your teammates and opponents can do. That is what changes each Tryn. Know when to pop ult is extremely important, and requires strict timing, because the other team can easily cc you and burst you to death. Try not to waste your ult and cleasne until you HAVE TO. Also, if you realize you cannot kill them and you have your ult on, you have to know when to SS away. When his ultimate is on cd, you are half a man but when your ult is up, you are two times the man. You have the ultimate as a safety net to land on when you are about to die. Know when you can just turn around and pop ult and rape their face, know when you have to run regardless if you have ulti up or not. Playing Trynd is actually half experience , because his ultimate is situational.

Laning Phase: You have to be cautious about this. Get last hits. If you don't know how, learn. Last hits are extremely important to Tryn and sometimes you get a lucky crit last hit and get 3 charges. Also you have some good harassing ability with spinning slash and mocking shout. You get a crit in before they run away, it changes the flow of the lane. They live in constant fear of getting SS-> MS-> CRIT IN THE FACE again. But don't do this against dangerous CC. esp Morgana. I mean you can cleanse it off and rape her face, but only if you are sure you can kill her. This often surprises people, when they hit you with cc and comes close to whack you. This is when you cleanse out and pop agility elixer and rape their face. Tryn is good at surviving a lane, but not really good at protecting it. The tower will go down if the opponent is competent. But don't worry, that is not where you shine.

Trading. This means you kill enemy, tower kills you.[Rule of Thumb] If you are sure you can get the kill, then do it. I don't care if you die. Every trade to trynd is worth it because gold on trynd is worth alot more than gold on anyone else. This is what makes tryndamere exhilharating, going for the kill diving through the tower knowing that you might not come back alive. This is the best part. I'm not telling you to go kill yourself if you can avoid it. I', just saying that it is okay for you to try and kill the other guy, knowing you will die. It's like trading a pawn for a rook.

[EDIT] A Bit more about Laning and Partners and Enemies
Okay I definitely have a high preference solo mid. But the thing is, a lot of people are skeptical and not many would let you solo mid. And there are times where there are better solos than you ( for the fast lvl 6 ultimate, i.e. ashe, karth, tf for ganking purposes.) So if you are in the side lane, better to choose a good partner.

PREFERABLY a ranged. You should split up melee and ranged, I'm not saying melee melee doesn't work, but it just makes life easier. Notably good lane partners is Soraka. She basically makes harassment non-existent and you can proceed to farm your items and rapeface them. Also since you don't have mana, it's more mana for herself to spam heal on the both of you. Extremely awesome. Janna is quite good also, with her slow and eye.

Enemies: I for one, hate Anivia. I wasn't aware how much of a total female dog she could be to tryndamere. Though she is extremely squishy, she can easily shut down a Tryndamere. She is probably a hard counter. Reasons :
a) Egg. You undying raged, wanting to trade, hit her but finds out she has egg. You barely make it out alive and then eats a flash -> flash frost/ frostbite in the face.

b) All of her gay slows/ cc. Wall, Flash frost, ultimate. You just do not have enough cleansing power. Especially when you popped ultimate already, she can basically shut you down. Be ware of her. But if you farmed enough, you can basically kill her in 3-4 hits.

Also Kayle: You will hate this person. She saves ALOT of People from your murderous path of destruction. but then again, she herself is also a weakling.

Fiddlesticks: Definitely a hard counter. With Fear, silence life drain. If you are not sure, don't try to kill him through lifedrain. It could result in death. Again a experience thing. But remember to cleanse and hit ult when you do. Because a delayed activation of ult could lead to a silence or a fear or another bounce of silence.

Ryze: He is annoying, because he does too much burst and it can kill you easily and when you're that close theres no way to react to that. But then again once his ultimates down, he is totally cake. Enjoy the cake.

I add more, later

That's about it, I originally wanted to keep it short, but ended up writing alot. If you have any questions feel free to comment / criticize. You can flame me and I don't mind but I just won't respond to you.

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I played a game with Demisis (I was Gragas) and I almost queue dodged because our team; Gragas, Tryndamere, Yi, Twitch, and I think a Zilean. It was mostly the Tryndamere that threw me. The fact that our Twitch shyed away from solo mid and Tryndamere proclaimed he'd take it shook my confidence even worse. Even better, our Yi was having serious connection issues, and was absent for perhaps the first 10-15 minutes of the game.

Anyway, much to my amazement Demisis did well in mid against an Ezreal, and ultimately he led us (and the kill score) to victory. He played the third of his builds, and he played what I would describe as hyper-aggressive. And it worked. The entire team had cause to be afraid of him. Definitely gave me a new appreciation for Tryndamere.

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Junior Member


This is a great guide filled with lots of insights. I will definitely tryout your agility elixers suggestion. Pre patch I've played him as a Tank/slow with late-game crit carry but I wasn't really happy with how that was going anyway.

Post patch I heard he's a lot better but I can't seem to find what they changed. Can someone talk to me about his post-patch awesomeness?

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a guide for trynd with no last whisper?


edit. since Im usually a ****., i'll actually help out a fellow trynd user, here:

Armor mitigation:

10 armor: 9% reduction
20 armor: 17% reduction
30 armor: 23% reduction
40 armor: 29% reduction
50 armor: 33% reduction
60 armor: 37.5% reduction
70 armor: 41% reduction
80 armor: 44% reduction
90 armor: 47% reduction
100 armor: 50% reduction
200 armor: 66% reduction
300 armor: 75% reduction
400 armor: 80% reduction

Heroes at lvl 18 have from 70 to 96 armor BASE (no items)

Tabis are 25 armor iirc, a chain mail is+45 armor for cheap 700 gold

what does this mean? That if you crit for 600 damage (common with good stacks
on Q and i.e.), and all you have is 35 armor pen (29 runes +6 masteries),
a squishie that (obviously) bought two items to counter you (tabi+chain), will
have +70 armor on top of his base.

Now lets assume she had about 50 armor (mid level), this takes her to 120 armor now,
your runes take her to 85.

thats 45% more or less reduction, it means your 600 damage crits are hitting for 336.

336. Thats poor.

If your items were

Last whisper + brutalizer (much cheaper than inf edge), you'd hit harder than that.

Armor pen (that i know of) is calculated this way:

Debuffs (starks, cleaver) -> percentile (last whisper) -> flat (runes, brutalizer)

which means starks \ cleaver lower the effectiveness of the percentile penetration
so getting both is most of the time overkill.

At the utmost least, whisper is necessary even if they're not stacking armor, yeah
armor pen boosts your crits that much

Have a nice day.

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The thing is, I tried getting brutalizer, before and it's just delayed my infinity edge and I never really had a need for it. I very well know that armor penetration is better than crit damage. But i really never felt the need to get armor penetration. As in I wasn't pressured in game enough to adapt to the situation. But, I will try getting last whisper because it does get some nifty attack speed. I'll tell you how it goes

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I played with this *** before. He played Attack Damage Heimer. We almost lost ( he went 0 8).

He added me. I am happy I did not reject. His useless rage wins all games.

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His useless rage wins all games.

I'm pretty sure you misspelled undying

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I'd like to see more people playing Tryndamere well. A lot of people seem to dodge when anyone picks him. LOL

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Yeah that is a problem, I know he is a bit UP at the moment, but I love playing him, there was many Tryn players before, but now that he got the nerf hammer, they all went to play Jax xD

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Get a Zilean ult b4 suicide diving, and win many internets.
Part of a complete meal for Tryn.

15 seconds should be enough to take care of most champions.