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rammus help

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Linden Ryuujin

Senior Member


My Rammus build is generally to get two hearts of gold (heart of golds?) and I pick up the +gold talent. This does give you pretty good gold in regardless of what you're doing. Generally I'd start with cloth armour +3 potions. Then I'll head back to get my first HoG and a pair of boots then second HoG and finish boots.

There's a lot of hate of +gold items and I can certainly understand it (as mostly you're getting them with the assumption of selling them later on). But the HoG would be worth the cost even without the +gold. It's got great stats for Rammus, health and armour and it helps with his farming. What more do you want out of an item? If the game drags on I might sell the HoGs for a sunfire but to be honest that's only to free up the slot so it rarely happens. I've seen people with more than 2 but I think you're delaying getting your main items too much then.

The other thing to remember is that your quake is on a very low cool down and if you don't think a team fight is imminent it can be used to farm large creep waves nicely.

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Senior Member


It's not about the build rlly, it's about how you play. Like you said you don't plya him a lot, so you don't know how to use his abilities against other players. I play aggressive with every hero, wich some times isn't a good idea xD. But with rammus you have to play aggressive. His taunt his very good when the other team is attacking youre tower. The stun is good specialy when some1 tries to get away, the shield is perfect to tower dive and the ult, well it's massive dmg.

I build him full armor because of his passive (more armor, means more dmg), magic resist is also good. with good armor and good magic resist + youre shield, it makes you a ***** to kill. Just start playing aggressive, rammus can take a lot dmg and is very good to scare people.

Play aggressive = champion kills = money = good build
It's as simple as that.

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Azghyn Nite



1. Learn to last hit better
2. Take smite for early farming
3. If you have the mana, utilize your ultimate's 60 second cooldown on creep waves to push towers.

I usually go straight for Blademail. Once you get the 25ish AD from all of the armor, you shouldn't have a problem last hitting and you should be able to gank quite easily.

First off having smite reduces your survivability and team effectiveness. Greed would be a good alternative. 3 is probably the best advice. BTW its called thornmail. This increases survivability and damage output by a huge amount.

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Junior Member


A flexible build I like, and I got from an older guide at Leaguecraft.com, goes something like this:

Game Start:
Rejuvenation Bead
Faerie Charm
Health Pot

This allows you to stay in your lane for as long as needed to push or defend towers.

First Trip Back:
Mana Manipulator
Boots of Speed (1)

Rammus can go a while with Boots of Speed, especially if you use Powerball and Ghost to get around fast. Mana Manipulator not only helps you, but your other mana users.

After that, build 3 Hearts of Gold. I know, crazy right? But not really. They give you hit points, armor, and cash! Since Rammus is not the best farmer and he MUST be present for team fights you don't have a lot of time to farm. From the HoG you will be gaining 1.5 gold per second. This item build is cheap and you can get it early.

Then you have a few options depending on how the game is going and who your enemies are:
1) For magic and stun heavy enemies - upgrade your boots to Merc Treads. You can also upgrade your Rejuv Bead to a Spirit Visage (my personal favorite for cooldown reduction).
2) For physical damage heavy enemies - upgrade your boots to Ninja Tabi and your Rejuv Bead to Warden's Mail
3) Mix-n-Match - Merc Treads + Warden's Mail

Then I like to upgrade my Mana Manipulator to a Soul Shroud for more HP and more cooldown reduction. Pair that with your Spirit Visage and some cooldown reduction runes you can Taunt, Curl, or even Ulti 2-3 times in team fights.

After that, its up to you. Your Hearts of Gold are still getting you good money. So get what ever the situation calls for. More HP, more Magic Resist, more Armor? Its your choice.

NOTE: Leviathan is also a great item for all tanks. You have the potential to get a lot of assists. So getting this item early can pay off. Its up to you when or if to get it.

For play style:
Like someone mentioned earlier - you gotta be aggressive in team fights. BUT, you should be some what conservative in the Lane Phase; no need to give up first blood or die for no cause. You may feel a bit useless, but as long as you stay alive in your lane, you will make a REAL impact in team fights.

Powerball right in the middle of the pack and start crawling around ramming people in the crotch! Mark and taunt their carry, then mark and taunt your next victim, repeat until they are all dead. Ensure your team knows, when you start spinning, they better be hot on your heels ready to melt face.

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Kief Bone

Junior Member


I Try to get Ninja boots+ Frozen Heart + Banshee's Veil + Thornmail + Madred's BloodRazor + Frozen Mallet
(sometime leviathan if it starts well instead of frozen)

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Senior Member


Merc Treads, Banshees, and Guardian Angel is your best bet when you see a decent mage on the other team.

30 + 25 + 57 + 38 = 150 MR

With maxed W you get 300 MR.

Against a full penetration mage (item and masteries, no runes), you will still have:

150*.45 - 40 = 27.5 MR = 21.5 % Magic Damage Reduction

300*.45 - 40 = 95 MR = 48.7 % Magic Damage Reduction

And yeah, compare this to a non-MR stacking Rammus who gets 0 % Magic damage reduction normally and 21.5 % Magic damage reduction with W against a MPen mage.

If enemy mage doesn't have much MPen, its even better (like just a sorcerer's boots).

30 - 20 = 10 = 9.1 % Magic Damage Reduction (no MR stacking Rammus Normal)

150 - 20 = 130 = 56.5 % Magic Damage Reduction (MR stackinng Rammus Normal or no MR Stacking Rammus W)

300 - 20 = 280 = 73.7 % Magic Damage Reduction (MR stacking Rammus W)

What I really hate to see on a friendly Rammus is the pure stacking of AR with no MR or HP when the enemy has 1 to 2 burst mage. (like a Ryze and Annie combo)

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I try to avoid gold generation items as much as possible, so when I play rammus (not as much anymore) I concentrate on getting a sunfire as soon as possible. This really helps your farming the rest of the game, and with an assist or two early, its feasible to finish it in time to keep up with the rest of the game. Also, definitely learn when you can hop off to take out a neutral camp or two, thats a key source of income you shouldn't let go to waste, especially on a champ as gold-starved as rammus.