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How to counter these champions?

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Lol, I love everyone's comments and how easy they think it is when talking about Mordekaiser. I main Morde and trust me, he's not easy to take down. Firstly, if any champ gets stunned/slowed for a long time they'll die..so there's no point in saying that. If Morde is built right, his damage is NOT negligible and he will rape your team (sunfire + creeping death + mace of spades + siphon = mass aoe damage). Especially in a team fight if someone on the other team is getting focus fired, put your ult on him and the team fight is instantly a 6v4, with Morde beefed up even more. I've played ~120 games with Morde and literally carried as a tank for more than 70% of them. I guess the only way to stop him late game is to shut him down early game by focusing on him, because even with a couple armors, he can become deadly.

edit: also, spreading out while team fighting won't help either if there's minions near by. And no team has that good coordination anyways.

Well, CC hits those heroes harder who relies on attacking / spamming abilities to survive.
So in that sense, CC ruins Mordekaiser.

Also, I agree that Mordekaiser deals non-negligible damage, but that does not mean that Mordekaiser rapes whole teams. Unless they literally stick together to get W + sunfire damage for everyone. Or unless they come to Morde to fight 1vs1 in sequence, just next to a "minion warzone". (It DOES happen if they try uncoordinated ganks)

Mordekaiser thrives by tanking and surviving until you get that not-so-faithful sidekick of a ghost. You need some damage to actually be able to utilize your tanking potential.....
But you don't need to deal OMGWTF damage to everyone. That is the job of carries and nukers, if you ask me.

And I think there are 2 ways to stop Mordekaiser. One is shutting him down early game, and the other is turtling to the point where your team's carries are fed well enough, because obviously WellFedCarry>WellFedMorde (or Mordekaiser would have been nerfed long ago).
The problem with the second plan is that unless Mordekaiser's team is light on carries, the plan will backfire for sure
But if you are Mordekaiser and your team is light on carries, be rather quick at delivering extreme prejudice.

Overall, I LOVE Mordekaiser as he is now. Of course, he could use some buffs (what character WOULDN'T love buffs?) but I think he is strong as is. But overestimating is not the best thing to do, IMO.

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Also, remember this game is less about hard counters than just playing well. The more specific you get about countering champs with champs the more you need to take a step back and realize that if played right, you can beat almost anything. It all comes down to your team knowing their champs by playing them a couple times. Know when to exhaust. The only comp I can think of that was just too hard to beat was our team of 4 casters to their team of 4 tanks. Just not enough cooldowns and towers didn't mean jack. :\

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I really wish people would stop suggesting Sword of the Divine for Jax. The only way SotD works for jax is if there are no creep, you're the only person attacking him, and you can kill him in 6 seconds. How often do you fight Jax in the jungle 1v1 and actually have the ability to kill him that fast? Seriously. That said, the best way to counter Jax is with a caster. He'll probably come at you first, but stun/snare/etc should be able to lock him down long enough for your team to drop some bombs on his face.

Depending on your character, Zilean can either be really easy or really hard. Hes pretty challenging for Melee, range not so much. Pretty much what you have to do is pressure him early. Keep him from farming. An unfarmed support is pretty useless later. If he stays unfarmed, all hes good for is his ult.

I've never had any issues with Shen. Sure he taunts, and his ult can be annoying, but it doesn't last that long. I usually treat Shen's ult similar to Zileans Ult. See the animation, stop attacking it. Unless its later in the game and our carry is farmed. In which case that bubble dies pretty quick.

Morde is a laner. Beyond the laning phase hes not quite as useful as most other melee champs. He absolutely dominates a lane tho. Very few champ's can deal with a good Morde during laning.

Mundo, get ignite and dodge cleavers.

Sion, stay away form him when he has a red bubble. Harass when he doesn't.

Udyr is a pain. Don't let him get super farmed. Alot of them jungle, if they do get a ward or two, when he comes for your jungle, go gank him. Do this more than once and he will be under leveled. And either forced to lane, or forced to stay underleveled. Otherwise, make sure your range in same lane is harassing correctly. Pretty much anytime that there is a melee by your creep wave, and theres not a creep thats about to die, your range should be attacking the melee.

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As a mundo player in my experience the best counter to mundo is to use ignite/executioner's/gangplank to reduce his healing, and focus him (unless he's DPS mundo rather than ridiculous HP regen Mundo, in which case you're ****ed.)

EDIT: lemme go a bit more into detail.

Mundo's key danger is his ability to harass. he doesn't burst damage on you; he's in for the long haul. If you underestimate the power of the cleaver (most do) and try to stay in a fight for too long, thinking you can outdamage him, he will pop his ult and eat you with masochism (which you don't generally account for until it's killing you). you're not even safe at the tower because Mundo goes where he pleases, towers be ****ed! Then he eats you.

The other way to play is crit mundo, which can deal tons of damage per second, and chase you across the map, while still harassing with cleaver. He's a fast freight train of damage that can be focused but not chased, because he can get like 900 move speed if built right.