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Renekton's Stun and auto-attacking

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So it's really annoying when I put up Ren's W and get the stun ready and he goes and wastes it by auto-attacking a minion. Sometimes I'll jump in over a minion planning to stun, hit Q and jumping back out, but after I jump in, Renekton turns around stuns a minion immediately!

There are a few champs that stop auto-attacking when they have an on-hit ability up (I think TF when he has a card picked out), so I was hoping you could put a similar feature on my favorite crocodile.

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the trick is to pre click your target before jumping in with the stun.
if you pre click, your champ will head straight for that target.

if you click a location instead of a target your champ will just head to location and freely attack anything.
with ren. pre click a target once close enough W then E and the first attack will be the target you originally aimed for.