3 issues, would appreciate help or your thoughts

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Hi, I'm having 3 issues I would really appreciate help with:

1. I tried to download the game on my laptop, but during the installation process it gets stuck at extracting files and sits there forever. I googled possible solutions from people with this issue previously. I've deleted it and tried installing it again. I turned off my firewall completely and attempted to download it. I've tried to run it as an administrator. None have worked. Any other ideas? Any thoughts on why it's even getting stuck there? It shouldn't be an issue with the laptop being able to run the game, my nephew has the same laptop and can run the game fine.

2. When I first got the game, every once in a while when a match would begin (when champ pick would finish and screen would switch to loading screen) my computer would make a weird sound (like a computer suddenly running very quickly for a moment) go into power save mode and more or less shut down. I would have to actually shut it down and restart it. I tried to solve the issue by going into my settings and limiting the energy saving by limiting the computer efficiency (if that's how it was phrased, something like that), since there was no option to actually turn off power saving. As time has gone on, the game power saves more frequently to the point where now it feels like half the time it power saves. I tremble every time the game begins wondering if this is the time it will power save (this issue is actually why I'm trying to install the game to my laptop). So, I'm sure you guys might not be able to help with this issue but... any thoughts on why this is even happening? Maybe something wrong with hard drive? Needs to be cleaned maybe, or a new one?

3. Lastly, I have this new issue where when the game starts (goes to loading screen) the graphics change slightly, for the worse. Before the graphics were perfectly nice and normal, now the screen seems to zoom in slightly, and the graphics and the words on the screen in game are somewhat fuzzy. On the bottom left of the loading screen it says in white letters something like, "league of legends version..." and a couple of numbers. I don't know if that's new (the thing on the bottom left), or if I never noticed it before. Thoughts on what might be creating this issue? Graphics card issue maybe? Are issue 2 and 3 possibly related?

Thanks again for any help guys, much appreciated.