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Some Skin Ideas

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Chaos Sorcerer Yorick (Legendary Skin)

Skin which resembles Chaos Sorcerer from Warhammer 40k. He is taller and slimmer, his face is scarred with Chaos Star tattoo on his forehead and he is bald. He wears staff with Chaos Star on the top and armor full of spikes, chains and skulls.

Abilities are changed to summon daemons devoted to corresponding Chaos Gods
Q - Mark of Khorne: Summons Bloodletter
W - Mark of Nurgle: Summons Plaguebearer
E - Mark of Slaanesh: Summons Daemonette
R - Mark of Tzeentch: Summons Lord of Change (Greater Daemon) which assumes form of targeted champion
Quincy Ezreal

He has a glove and energy bow, so why not turn him into Ishida from Bleach anime? Just add him glasses, change his hair to black and change his clothes into Quincy robes.

Particle changes:
Autoattack - blue energy arrow
Essence Flux - Seele Schneider

Ultimate - He draws Ginrei Kojaku and fires massive salvo of arrows resembling his autoattack.
Iron Maiden Trooper Karthus (A.K.A. Pentakill Karthus)

His clothes are colored like british flag, his staff is changed into flag or microphone, and his headwear is replaced with long hair. If you know Iron Maiden, you got the idea.
Plate Armor Tryndamere

Tryndamere is fully clad into armor, his helmet covers his face, and has large shoulderpads. His sword becomes straight and darker in color. His hair is not visible.
Assassin Caitlyn

She has a tight black suit, modern sniper rifle and wears goggles on top of her head instead of hat. Her haircut should be short or ponytail.
DMC3 Morde

Would look like Dante wielding Nevan. Metal particles are changed to bats and ulti is Nevan's kiss which drains enemy souls.

Please rate and post your ideas.
And do not go with copyright things on me PLEASE. Just look at Chosen Yi (Star Wars), Lord Morde (Warhammer Chaos Lord), Frost and Yellow Jacket Shen and default Akali (Scorpion, Sub Zero and Jade from Mortal Kombat), ...