minor buff on Pantheon's Ult.

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hi, i was thinking panth's ult is a bit hard to land, and want you to give him minor buff for his ult.

i know we can just cancel it while first casting, and this is nice option making this ult a bit more reliable, but still this 'ult cancel' can sometimes cause my teammates some trouble. giving huge circle sign, inspiring them to jump into enemy thinking 'panth will come!' and no "cancelled" signal for him? what? throw an ally toward enemy so that they can kill him? do we really need that effect? i think we need a small reinforcement.

so why don't we just erase this cancel and let this circle move? (just while first casting bar. second circle which enemy can also see must be still fixed in order prevent OP)

unable to cancel, but moveable circle while first 8 second, and its moving speed gets slower and slower as the time goes on, finally getting fixed after first the 8 second. and then enemy-visible, not-movable second circle appears.

how do think?