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Recommended Jarvan ult change

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I know my good ol' buddy Jarvan has been getting hit with nerfs the past few weeks, but as versatile as he is I think his ult could use a change that overall balances the way he works against all champs.

The problem with Jarvan's ult: He jumps on a champ and creates a 3 second wall, here's where the problems start. ANY champ with Flash can hop right out of it. Katarina, Ezreal, Corki, Jax, LeBlanc, can just hop out of it. Singed can throw you out of your own ult, Alistair can hit you out of your own ult. Poppy and Vayne can use their wall-push skills to demolish you against your own ult!

And then some champs get hopped on and are absolutely DONE, they have no escape mechanism and are screwed.

My suggested fix: Either change the skill to a skillshot like his E, or keep it as a single target, either way, the jump causes a 1.5/2/2.5 second taunt on all champs hit if its AoE, or the one champ if its the single target.

This is just a thought, and I know it takes a lot of skill to know exactly when to use his ult because of everything that can be done to counter it.

But it can get nerfed SOOOOOO easily. No other champ has an ult that can royally screw over their entire team like that, or even their own champ.

I feel like a simple taunt with no wall, especially if it were an AoE taunt. . . would be pretty awesome. And Jarvan has been getting hit with a lot of damage nerfs on his Q and E recently so I feel like a little boost to his R wouldn't be terrible.