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@ROIT Please Show Some Care (AD Carries and the sort)

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Raze and Raise

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Roit, Please Show Some Care!

I left WoW because they made things too simple and too bland. There was no reason to play one tank over the other because they could all do the same job,
there was no reason to play one dps spec over another beacuse they did the same damage. What fun is that? So it doesn't matter what class or spec i pick because we will all do the same thing??? You seroius blizzard??? Lets make it so mages can tank cuz they feel left out or don't want to roll a warrior, got to keep the customers happy.

I feel like you guys are leaning towards the same direction.

Range ad's like Trist and MF are situational champions. Trist OWNS when the other team is melee heavy, being able to rocket jump and blast back the other champions gives her more time to pewpew then any other champion. MF OWNS in jungle fights, when they can't get out of her ult and make it rain.

Yes, corki, ashe, and vanye get played more then other range champions. but thats because they can cover a wide range of situations or just have a nice soild DPS. But it doesn't make them better then the champions state above. I understand that you want to see all of the champions played, just don't turn everything bland and tasteless like in wow. Having Niche champions isn't a bad thing, it a fun thing, thats adds in a twist to the game play that keep people like me (Who enjoy a challange and varity) coming back.

GL trying to get everything right, just be careful to not ruin the flavor you guys got going.