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This is why Tribunal is implimented horribly...

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Literally every game everyone plays has this...

/ALL "Report ______"...

Everygame... Someone whines and says report so and so. Literally everygame, someone rages, gets mad, or just doesn't like someone, types in /all "Report ____"

Someone says anything... /ALL "Report _____".

So we come to the conclusion, in the vast, vast majority of games in this rage inducing game, someone reports someone. Justified or not.


To the Tribunal...

Punish, Punish, Punish, Punish, Punish, eyes closed Punish, read CNN.com for 60secs Punish, watch 2 commercials on TV Punish, download porn Punish, etc, etc, etc.

How many cases have I see with literally 2 reports... This guy was verbally harassing, I see one attempt at that, him saying "you suck", then I check all the reports, he has 2.

This is a joke... I played last night, and out of 12 games played someone raged at some point and said /ALL "Report _____" 11 of those games, they were just some dude who's English was atrocious calling people "noob", he died and then raged and said the magical Report to the other team. 8 of those games the other team said "OK".

Normally, I'd laugh, and brush it off... But then I'm like, well I've done this Tribunal stuff, I've read forums, everyone Punishes.

This leads to people saying well that doesn't suspend anyone, it goes to someone at Riot to look it over...

Well... A buddy of mine, the least raging person I've ever seen, literally the worst thing he'd say in a game is something along of the lines of "dude are you seriously that clueless, about 2 weeks ago got a 3 day Tribunal Ban.

I found it hysterical and literally didn't care, til last night, when I played around 12 games and saw someone type the magical words... /ALL "Report ____"

You either can't reward the Tribunal for cases or need to seriously rethink how this is implemented... Because the tribunal actually makes games more annoying listening to the every single 12 year old who gets upset over something stupid and then starts the whiny rants of "Report ____" for 25mns to someone surrenders. And then the 5mn chants of trying to convince the other team to Report someone til eventually the room clears.

I personally have found game to be more annoying since this implementation than actually prior... The biggest issue I've had with games is afkers and leavers, and sadly the Tribunal does jack **** about that. Since "LEAVERS" can STILL JOIN GAMES.