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Tribunal Improvements [Suggestion]

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There are a few things that I think would make improvements to the tribunal system.

Posts of times throughout the game. Maybe 5 mins in, 15 mins in, 20 mins in, and every 10-15 mins after that. This would help us know what happened, if it gave the reported persons kills/deaths. Because if someone starts out 9-0 and then ends up saying F it, and ends up 9-15 you might have a feel for them being a feeder. On the same note if someone is 9-0 and ends up saying f-it and ends up 15-9 well then you can't really call them a feeder, or if they started out 0-9 and turned it into 9-9 after saying this is a loss you can't really say intentional feeding.

The other thing is it would help to get the same info on that players team, as well as the other team. People underestimate fed players on the other team, often times if your team feeds and the other team has 2-3 fed champs vs 1 of your fed champs its hard for that individual to pull out in those team fights especially when they end up being the one focused.

Also maybe giving the person a text box saying they were reported (but not by who or by who doesn't really matter I guess) and give them a chance to refute it, sometimes things are taken out of context ie: Ryze first time? Can you play a bit defensively you have fed at 0/8 and I would like to try to turn the game around. "I am reporting you for verbal abuse." ... I just asked you to play defensively instead of feeding...

Trolling, I haven't seen a decrease in trolling since Tribunal came out, and that is still a big issue (as well as racism, and general rudeness) anyway I often get in games where people troll on purpose, and it happens alot, there have even been a few where I caught the same troll in 3 games in a row. It would be nice if you were reported by your team for trolling or intentionally feeding, etc. if that could be looked into faster, as to prevent people from having to deal with the same troll multiple times in a short period especially in ranked games.

I just think these would help make the Tribunal system easier to make a decision on punishment and pardon decisions.