here I come

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Dr Rutherford

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Had a run of bad luck. Recieved a "leave" the night they shut servers down. And for some reason my internet decided to just go away for 20+ minutes in this game I was just in, so unfortunately I now have another "leave".

Here I come tribunal

ps. No other leaves on account (around 400+wins)


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It's your fault you're dc'ing/leaving. The tribunal's working as intended. I'll be especially sure to vote punish on you. Hope you enjoy your ban.

Naaaah! Just kiddin'...! I'm not a part of the sadistic majority of LoL lawyers and judges that spend more time on the Tribunal voting punish than playing the game, all while coming to this section of the forum boards to tantalize those abused by bias, grudge, and spiteful vengeance.

I do feel sorry for you however, because the rest have neither soul nor emotion, and will more than likely blame and incriminate you here on the forums while they mercilessly vote punish on your case without remorse while automatically deriving sexual gratification. They'll also come here and defecate all over your thread and rain down-votes upon you as they already do me because they can, and are immoral that way. They like abusing other players on the Tribunal, and take a dump on all those who dare oppose it! If the forum occurrences were to manifest themselves in any more of a "real life" form, we'd have something akin to concentration camps, and they'd be the German soldiers beating and punishing you. Many of those judging your case may very well be under the age of thirteen! ...because anyone with a level 30 account can literally log on, click punish, ??????, and profit off of you. <3

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You should probably be fine. Without a clear pattern of behaviour I (and much of the Tribunal) don't worry about punishing occasional leaves without accompanying poor behaviour (ie ragequiting). For the most part I figure that the leaverbuster takes care of habitual leavers quite adequately.

With potentially two games reported for leaving it is highly unlikely you'd get into the Tribunal, let alone Punished, unless you have other misbehaviour that you are being reported for as well. In that unlikely case the likely outcome would be a warning (which I believe has a 20minute ban with it), unless you've already received one in which case you'd be looking at a 3-day ban.

TLDR: You aren't going to get punished for just two leaves. But even if you were the first offense punishments are quite mild.