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Recommended Improvements

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Seeing the Good:

A big problem with the Tribunal seems that it is heavily infested with punishable offenses. This automatically leaves all users in a bad shade of light. I've found prejudice both in myself as well as on the forums about the users showing up. I would like to see the better side of players in these cases as well. It seems almost medieval, the way we're trying to pull the guilty out of them rather than the innocence.

My suggestion:

  • Current match history
  • Full-game stats page (such as you would find at the end) of all players in the game
  • Total wins and losses both normal and ranked for the player. (Has he played 600 games and been reported twice?)
  • Tribunal history (Has this person been pardoned or banned before?)
  • Turrets destroyed.

Seeing the Screen:

Chat logs seldom give the situations true justice and detail. I know some people have recommended video logs, but that seems impractical to me from a technical perspective. If that's doable, then by all means do it. However, I think a simple screen shot that can be saved for the automatic purposes of reporting would be nice. Each match in every case could have a small picture gallery to allow users to see the pictures that were associated with tagged events. This would show if a player is way out of position, charging into their enemies screaming profanities, or just sitting at base.

Seeing the Story:

Put simply: I want a timeline. I would like to see everything that happened as it happened.

What to Include:
  • Connections
  • Disconnects
  • Detailed kills (this person killed this person)
  • Items bought (Important for someone selling all of their items to buy all boots of mobility or vice versa to hide that they did that.)
  • Turrets destroyed by whom

I would recommend yellow for the color of an event such as connections, disconnections, kills, and turrets destroyed in the chat log.