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Improving Implementation of Tribunal

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Reiji Ozora

Senior Member


Now, I know that a lot of people have different values when it comes to judging whether someone is to be pardoned or punished. However, it makes no sense for someone to be judged by those who are being reported for the same offense. These people are more likely to pardon the crime instead of punishing. The Tribunal is supposed to uphold the summoner code and, given the number of cases that I have passed judgement on, I can only say that people are NOT judging based on the summoner code, but on whatever they feel comfortable with personally.

The rules were set there by Riot. People should be judged based on the rules. They should not get off easy merely because people disagree with the Code. Guilty means guilty of breaking the summoner code, not guilty of going against whatever the individual believes.

Therefore, I believe that cases should only be presented to those players that are not being reported for the same offense. For instance, people that go afk or leave the game should not be judged by those that are reported for this. Offensive language should not be judged by people who are being reported for offensive language. Intentional feeding should not be judged by those reported for intentional feeding. Etc, etc.