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Should he need a buff up?

Buff up Renekton this next patch! 50 74.63%
He's fine the way he is.... lol 17 25.37%
Voters 67 .

Renekton still needs to be beefed up!

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Rene is best played in a solo lane. Period. Other than that he seems fine to me.

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I have to agree being a ren player myself. When I bought him, I absolutely hated him and how much riot hyped him up in spotlight and judgment, but lets get to the real issue, I'm going to give a comparison here to his brother, Nasus, a good balanced champion in my opinion, with a devastating late game. First off, Nasus starts off with more AD, 53.3 and levels it up 3.5 per level. Renekton's starts off at 53.1 and only levels up by 3.1. He starts off with a tiny bit more health a measly 16 hit points, and levels up 87 hit points opposed to 90, to boot he is better then Renekton in every single way imaginable. Now abilities, his Q does set damage of 60 plus any BONUS AD not starting AD, nasus does 30 plus his max AD which adds up to 86 damage vs. 60...and has a lifesteal passive which drains 10/15/20% of the damage also going off of Nasus' Q, while Renekton only drains a "capped" amount of health, Nasus' Q also gets stronger with each enemy it kills and maxed out has a shorter CD than his brother, more lifesteal, and more late game damage...I think it's safe to say who wins that one. For the W its plain and simple Renektons W is devastating but is really only good with Fury, which lets be honest is hard to build up with auto attacking seeing as how Renekton has painfully slow attack speed...and with Nasus' W he slows movement speed and attack speed for 5 seconds...now the E,s 18 second starting E vs a 12 second...yeah its a lil unfair. Renektons is great for escaping, but I mean, anyone can escape with a 5 second slow too that progressively gets worse over time. the E needs to get like a set time or at least lower it from 18 seconds, like jesus this isn't a vlad sanguine pool we are talking about which makes you un-targetable. And last but not least the both of their ultimates. Nasus' ult, is better in almost every possible way imaginable, he gets stronger from his enemies around him and can do 140% more damage at all levels...compared to Ren's ult which does set amounts of damage 40/70/100, it just tickles enemies, you basically need to be able to have a sunfire to do close to the damage Nasus can deal. and now lemme wrap it up with the passives. Renektons Passive is a joke for a passive. If your going to keep it how it is, fine. 5 per auto attack is fine, but the 50% bonus when your lower than half health? is incredibly dumb that means im gaining 2.5 bonus fury...thats 7.5 fury..why not just make it 100% bonus giving 10 fury for each hit under half health, since all of his abilities get the bonus for only 50 fury not any multiples of 7 besides the obvious 35...its just dumb. Ren needs a buff now, Q needs more lifesteal, W is fine in my opinion, E needs shorter CD, Ult needs to get buffed majorly, and passive fix that 50% and make it 100% I'm sure many people would play renekton if he got half of these buffs. In order of importance of which skills need to be buffed in my opinion Q, R, passive, E, W.