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Stop reporting people for saying 'Noobs' you Noobs

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I see you tower diving too much and thus feeding their team I:

a) call you a noob and start an argument and am an ass, because noob is an insult. Look at other forums/games/anywhere. Noob is not used as a nice word. Duh.

b) suggest they're tower diving too much and they should hang back with me as not to feed their team. Constructive, now if they outburst they're the idiot.

Change this. It's an indirect accusation, "You're a feeder!" to whoever you're talking to and is likely not to be taken kindly.

You need to be more considerate when being considerate, or be a hypocrite.

EDIT: It pretty much goes down like this:

"Stop feeding the enemy team!"
"I'm not feeding!"
"Yes you are!"

The rest is history. When someone implies that I am (intentionally) feeding, it is of course an insult and a waste of my time to keep reading whatever other condescending remarks the person has to say (/ignore). I don't feed when people accuse me of feeding, but if you thought I spent too much time away from the team pushing lanes, you have no idea.

What good is a team that can do nothing better than look at numbers and label each other.

Fix it. Fix it if you're not one of them. Fix it if you're not a troll and a hypocrite.

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It's not about hurt feelings or words used.

It's about insulting your own team and bringing them down. It's anti-winning, anti-teamwork and anti-sportsmanship. If nothing else it's assisting the enemy team by making your own team more likely to play poorly or give up.

This is NOT a single player game. Your words and actions have an effect on other people, and you need to learn to make that influence a positive one.

If it's not the Tribunal is here to see to it you're reminded.

Thank you.