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Stepping stone 2: Back to the shop!

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Hi guys welcome to the next stepping stone! number 2- here we go..........

Ok welcome to Stepping stone number 2! In this stepping-stone I will be covering one of the most important parts of a LoL game – The Shop.
So I will give you the scenario.

-You know how it is…………….
So you have just arrived from your early game learning phase just entering into mid game. You hit B and recall back to base. You open the shop up and start to wonder “what do I buy?. You struggle for a few moments thinking- You have had an ok laning phase. died a few times but had help from your teammates and ganked your enemies evening the scores a little bit. You have heard that stacking dorans items on your champion will increase their abilities but you also know that buying one of them will also put your main build behind. You also think about wards and potions and how they may help you. After a few moments you buy a part of your core item. It looks like a good choice but IS it?

In this issue I will cover the importance of shopping and the impact it will have on your game. Lets get started!

1. -What is the shop?
The shop is the area in your fountain base with the prple guy sitting there with some potions at the desk. If you click on it then it gives you a menu of all the different items you can buy. These are separated into sections for easier use. Here is where you decide what to buy.

2. - The aim
The aim of shopping is to buy what will suit your most current and urgent need. This may vary from some survivability to your core items to potions or to wards. This may be a bit difficult to many beginners so I will give you some tips and steps that you should also run in your mind before you make a choice. But that’s in the next section, Read on!

3. -The Steps
So here we are here are the steps you must ask yourself while at the shop, I will try and make things clear but the numbers are the numbers in which should be followed and though. Bear with me here-

1. Think! What phase in game is it? Narrow the potential items down to what phase you are in e.g. if you are in late game you are probably not going to buy health potions.
2. Think again (hahahahaha) so now that you have narrowed down your selection think again. I will try guide you through this part as best as I can-
Early game- are you getting ganked a lot by their jungler? Wards. Are you getting harassed a lot? Potions. having problems last hitting? Maybe some damage. Doing ok? Get part of your core item build.
Mid game- Pushing but getting ganked? Wards. Others often mia? Wards at key locations. Getting damaged a bit while doing some farming? Potions. Stealth units giving you trouble? Maybe an oracles. Doing ok but still not going in your favour? Consider stacking dorans. Going well? Core item build.
Late Game- Other team constantly mia and ganking you? Wards (especially at baron). Game still doing ok? Core item build. Stealth units giving you a hard time? Oracles. Need that little boost to help you win fights? Start buying some elixirs to buff you.

Here they are so continuing to step 3
3. Make your choice and evaluate if you made the right one. Consult your
Guides if you are following one, although they will normally tell you. This guide will hopefully assist you in your situational buying.

Here are the end of the steps (for sake of confusing numbers).

4. –How you can use this stepping stone in-game
Next time you go to the shop, follow these simple steps. They are not too difficult to learn and will benefit you a lot when buying things that may help you or give you that edge in game. Buy things that will benefit the whole team too (especially if you are a support) but perhaps not so much if you are the carry. If unsure asking the team if they need oracles or wards will greatly help.

5. Key locations for wards
I know there are a lot of guides that tell about this I wanted to add a small section to list some important locations.
Main mid river bushes (left and right), bush near baron, barons den, dragons den, bush near dragon, river area leading to mid lane from the side lanes, any choke point that is frequently used, the enemies jungle (especially if they have a jungle because it might help you gank the enemy).

6. One stepping stone ends and another is revealed…….
So hopefully from this stepping stone you have learned some vital guidelines when shopping! Thanks for reading this stepping stone for now. Prepare to step on the next stepping stone: “All about early game!”

See you guys in the next stepping stone!

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I don't know, I'm not quite persuaded.
I understand your aim, but you're just not getting there.
what I would suggest is some cool catch phrase, like "BOOMBO!" and maybe some sexy fan art, you know?

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XD not quite persuaded about what? what can i do to improve? about the fan art.....dunno what that would do but uhhhh..h.... i guess so......

thanks for the reply....mind helping me improve on my issue?