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How does anyone deal with duo queue griefers?

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Just played a ranked round with two individuals whose names I can't say because I'll be banned. They informed the team in chat that they were going to grief and feed while talking in chat. After spamming the chat with offensive slurs, they started the game by acting very friendly to the opposing team. Immediately they both fed bot lane by rushing into their tower. All throughout the game, they claimed everyone was ping spamming; out of the blue, they would say "wow, you really just ran into baron and died? what a griefer!" while camping enemy towers to feed kills. At stats screen, they started spamming racial slurs and goaded us to report them.

Well, we did... and looking at their ranked stats, it seems as if they've been doing this for over a month. Tribunal may be good for taking out ragers and feeders, but what about this new breed of troll?