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Making them Better: Yorick

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I want to start by saying this is a forum to talk about reasonable improvements to the specific champion, with today's being everyone favorite terrible character: Yorick.
But why bother? 1) People like him. I have a friend who loves Yorick and for about a week or two wouldn't play anyone else, either because he paid RP for it or whatever.
2) Yorick has potential to be useful. He has a sprint, a slow and a heal, as well as his cryptic ultimate which makes you think twice about chasing him down with only a sliver of health left.
-How you can make Yorick useful-
These are things that everyone can do based on what I understand as far as build. First off, you're going to need mana. Yorick burns through the stuff (a topic in the next section). This is because for Yorick himself to do any damage, he needs to have a ghoul out (with his passive increasing his AD per ghoul). Secondly, he's going to need health and attack damage. I've seen quite a few attack speed Yoricks, and I find myself asking "why?" Probably because its what they're used to as far as AD characters. But the ghouls don't get anything from that. They do have a portion of your Health and AD though, and since Yorick is all about ghouls, you might want to help them out.
-How Riot can make Yorick Better-
I have only one suggestion here. Simply get rid of his dependency on mana. Make him a cooldown champ like Garen, or even possibly an HP champ like Mundo. In the second scenario, you would also need to increase his HP and make the heal off of his E better. But why would this make him better? Because Yorick is a spammer. Its why hes always out of mana. As I said before, he needs his ghouls. And that makes him useless when hes worried about wasting it or being out.

But that's all personal ideas. I'm sure y'all got something better, and I'd like to hear it. And more importantly, I'd like Riot to hear it.