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# ways to build warwick?

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I see 3 ways to build warwick but which is the best way?If i need to be a all around player doing the jungling/ganking/laning at once.What is the best build?

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Madred's Bloodrazor Tankwick is a great build on Warwick. He can soak a lot of damage (and usually won't get instagibbed as soon as he ults the enemy damage dealer) but deal respectable damage himself (20% max health Qs on a relatively short cooldown, MBR proccing at 1.6 attacks per second or so with W's steroid on, etc.). He's also pretty hard to take down.

Most of the time the build is something like (this isn't the order of the build):

Madred's Bloodrazor
Mercury Treads
Spirit Visage
Sunfire Cape
Banshee's Veil/FoN
Guardian Angel

Obviously this isn't set in stone, personally I'd just make Visage, Treads, and MBR core (possibly SF Cape too for health + armor) and everything else is situational.

Alternatively, you can also go Wit's End + Wriggle's Lantern Tankwick (it's about 100 gold cheaper but it makes you much more survivable as you get both Armor and MR instead of just Armor from MBR and your damage doesn't suffer too much iirc)

Later on you'll sell your Wriggle's for something else, obviously (as it's not a late game item). If you want, you can also turn this build back into MBR Tankwick if you're doing well as the game goes on (ie. Replace Wriggle's with MBR, replace Wit's End for another tank item).

Or... you can just go straight Wriggle's Tankwick.

Skill order is generally:
R > Q > W > E
But, after maxing Q, get Rank 3 Blood Scent and proceed to max W.

Oh. I also forgot to mention. After getting your Madred's Razors (not Bloodrazors), getting a Heart of Gold after then continuing whatever you want to do is great. You can choose to sell it or upgrade it to Randuin's Omen, which is another great item for Tankwick (and tanks in general too)

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Agreed with above. Warwick benefits most from on-hit items due to Ult and Bloodrazor is the best of them.

Since he has no gap closer other than ult, nor a slow, he isn't the best melee DPSer. So he typically goes tanky DPS.

You start with cloth and 5pots (though he can start with boots or cloth and ward, whatever), and get the madrids razor, a Recurve bow, and then start working on defense some prob with a negatron cloak and maybe a Warmogs Armor. Then finish the Bloodrazor (normal razor is better for jungling for a bit) and start working on more defense.

With bloodrazor, warmog, negatron you already have pretty high defenses. An Aegis is a good choice as it helps the team as well as yourself.
Frozen Mallet is strong too, and might be taken instead of warmogs to give you a permaslow.
Sunfire is a great way to add more melee dps.
Wits End is a great high magic resist item, plus deals significant DPS esp with its on-hit effects (42 dmg and insta-50MR)

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the question was whats the best,not how to. At the moment it depends on team picks, usually a ranged dps carry wants to go bot with a tank/support and 2 mage carries mid and top solo and imo jungle warwick is the best as he is one of the fastest junglers with good ganking ability. And if fed a few kills to get early bloodrazor and maybe another item like wits or frozen can carry a team or can become a tanky dps that disables other carries.

jungle warwick is best imo, behind lanewick(either mage or ad depends on team comp)