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[Guide] Janna - Babysittin' like a boss!

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Also a Janna player im,but usually play in AP style with her.
But I will try the support Janna tonight I think.

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This is one of the most valuable champion guides I've ever read, and it's still very current and applicable. Janna is far and away my best character at this point, and I've had more than a few people tell me I'm the best Janna they've ever played with (doesn't mean THAT much since I'm not a high-ranked draft mode player, but still). Great guide.

My only deviation is that I tend to run Janna 0/9/21 with Heal/Clarity for maximum support, though I think I might start swapping out Heal for Ghost again.

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great guide, thanks

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Updates with the new stats from her nerf in the most recent patch.

Nothing's really changed, though.

Well, except that I won't really be updating this much, if at all, anymore. I'm not playing LoL very much anymore, and will probably quit altogether soon.

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This guides is the cat's meow!

While i don't believe in following guides to the "T" since everybody plays differently, his runes and items and skill ranking are right on. Personally, i really enjoy offensive masteries (spell pen, inc crit, armor pen, inc dmg) and then rounding it off with some utility and using Clarity for more mana regen....his suggestions are great.

I've been on an 8 game win streak with Janna and had quite a few *gasps* regarding my itemizations...but i always tell them "janna can be pro without items...its really how well you understand playing a support champ the game" So mess around with items, masteries and I'm sure you'll find what suits you best.

The items I usually grab are Nashors Tooth, Boots 3, and usually a Hexdrinker or BV - more survivability make you support even more. Plus the shield on HexD is insanely good imo. Since she's so item UN-dependent, stacking Phantom Dancers works as well as stacking Dorans Rings

My few rules when playing (support) Janna are as follows:
-Rank Shield and Zephyr first
-Only 1 pt in HG is needed
-Take advantage of her OP auto-attack early game. ArP makes her AA hurt big time
-Refrain from using her ult in team fights *gasp* - her other 3 spells are more useful
------Zephyr for mini-nuking carry, or runaways
------Shield for your carry
------HG for interupts and knock-ups
------Auto Attack hits hard..use it on low life enemies
-------more often than not your knockback will let enemies get away...and the heal isn't as good as it seems. Its better for bringing allies up to full hp before or after the fight, imho

TL;DR - this guide is a GREAT starting point for those just learning Janna! +9000