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Ashe items

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Long Sword
Hp pot
Boots of Speed
Sword of the Occult
Boots of swiftness
Infinite Edge
Black Cleaver
Yomuu's Ghostblade
Phantom Dancer or Bloodthirster, depending on how tanky/squishy other team is.

If you can't get stacks on Sword of the Occult, you need to sell it and try to rush faster for Infinite Edge, or more importantly, the BF sword ....

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I have played hundreds of games with ashe and I would put my build up against anyone elses.

Start with dorans blade (hp, damage and slight lifesteal for early game...very worth it)

-First back I want boots and a BF or pickaxe
-BF/Pickaxe (whichever wasn't bought on first trip)
-upgraded boots (usually BoS but I have seen good arguments for bserks so up in the air atm)
-Upgrade IF
-Banshee Veil
-Vamp Sceptor
-Zeal upgrade to phantom dancer

Early on you want damage items because that is going to be much more important than atk speed since early game has a lot more poking. Plus your passive promotes damage items more in the early game.

So you have boots which make you mobile and two damage items that make you hit hard. Zeal is next to up your attack speed since this is usually the point in the game where you aren't poking as much but you need sustained dps. Crit, atk speed and movespeed make zeal amazing at this point in the game.

After zeal upgrade to an IF. Now you are fast and can maneuver to where you need to be in team fights. You hit hard, have a good crit, and some decent attack speed. So next I need to survive which means banshee.

After banshee the sceptor is great because it allows you to stay out longer and push if you need to by just crushing creeps, and it helps you survive dps wars. Very useful for how cheap it is at this point in the game given your dmg output.

I upgrade to dancer next cause it makes me faster, helps me perma slow people, and further raises my crit.

After having dancer and IF I feel like my crit is high enough and my attack speed is good enough. So next best thing is to start stacking damage via a BF sword and turning it into a bloodthirster.

If you get to a sixth item, figure out what you need

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Infinity Edge. Not Black Cleaver. (Have you read your passive?)

Already had Infinity Edge in original post. (Did you not read the main post?)