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Math-theory Morde CDR build

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CDR is nice and all, until you realize you can be kited/cc'd/nuked.

I'd go for AP because that single attack I might only be able to get off would mean more.

Then again, I always have some kinda survivability item so I don't die that fast.

ANY character can be cc'd or nuked. This is not exclusive to Mordekaiser. Even the tankiest of tanks can eat a big fat chain of stuns and knockups whilst being focused by every cooldown on the enemy team and end up dead instantly. This is a rather fatalistic view of things.

Realistically speaking; Morde should be alive for the majority of the teamfight unless he gets focused. If he gets focused, then his carries should be good enough that they punish the enemy team for focusing a soak. If he DOESN'T get focused, then he should be making the lives of every enemy around him hell by constantly spamming his abilities and keeping his shield as maxed as he can.