Playing Morde = I'm too stoned to play anything else

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I will put one note here, i agree most Mordes you seem to see are pubstompers. I play AP Morde myself and i can say, youre right, easy to play when it comes to pubstomping (an activity i try not to engage in) but hey think this way. Heres a list of ways to counter him, what pubstompers do, and what decent mordes do. Just to make a point.

Focus so he cannot use abilities to shield (generaly applies to AP)
Just cc lock (applies to all Mordes similar to Vladimir in both focus aspects)
Never 1v1 especialy as a squishy
Send the tank in to remind morde he cant do **** to someone heaily defended.

Pubstomper Morde:
Boots: Would you belive i've seen ninja tabi on most?
first Item Mogs/FoN/Thornmail
Second Item RARELY Rylais, generalya Mogs/FoN/Thornmail whichever you need
Core items: Mogs/Fon/Thornmail
Main Tactic: BLOOD FOR ALLAH ALL MUST DIE! Nothing stops Mr.Pubstomper
Secondary tactic: Troll your allies, it's all their fault you're losing those tower dives.
Primary stat goals: Health > Defence > Ap ( as if we need that ****)

Decent Morde:
First Item: Rylais/Hextech
Second Item: Rylais/Hextech/Deathcap
Core items: Rylais/Hextech/Deathcap (look its all ap!)
Main Tactic: BRUISER/AP aoe rape.
Secondary Tactic: Deny enemies all ability to farm, while not giving up safety.
Primary stat goals: CDR > Spell Pen/Vamp (mild amounts at least) > AP > Large aounts of defence stats.

see a pattern? I sure do! One tends to play full on i cannot be killed i'm a super tank. And the other CHARGES the shield for defence while dealing damage. Maybe you aren't playing with the good Mordes, then again you said in general, but i mainly do 5v5 premades in unranked.