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Late Game Garen...

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In the realm of Advice, snowballs are good because his early game rapes. Spin-to-win, then silence and beat on the enemy AP carry. They'll be forced to itemize Armor and not AP because they're so squishy. Demacian Justice does SOOO much damage if you get it at the right time. Rank two, you do base damage plus 1/3 their missing health. Assume base damage offsets mitigation that early in the game - whack anyone at just under 25% health and they die (1/3 of 75% missing health = 25% of max health in damage).

He could use a buff, though the best one I can see would be his Q applying a taunt and not a silence. That way he's a more proper tank, and can force a 1v1 with his Courage shield up.

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Assuming you have Armor Pen runes, pickup an Atmas Impaler and Youmuus Ghostblade.

Happy hunting.