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PVP.net suggesttion and a camera question

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Hi everyone. This is my first thread. I've been playing LoL for a couple of months now and really love it. I just pre-ordered yesterday and I'm pretty excited about play this on release
annnyway, to get to my point:

I was looking around and could not find a thread anywhere about there being a leader-board for the game. Maybe a different tab in the .net window. Also even have something like on Xbox live where there is a separate friends list leader-board (comparing wins/kills/deaths etc)

Also I have been having a hard time playing certain casters in the game. I cannot see as far as I need to and moving the camera around is a pain as I have to push the edge of the screen with my mouse. Is there not a way to move the entire screen by like clicking the middle mouse button or holding some keys?? I know most RTS games have this and it helps me a ton.

Any feedback would be great. Thanks for reading!

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Arrow keys move the camera, also if moving using the edge scrolling feature is too hard, try getting used to a higher cursor speed it should be pretty intuitive and the only reason i can think that its not is if your mouse dpi or cursor speed is too low.