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ace's guide to teh lolkat

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ace's guide to teh lolkat (Katarina, The Sinister Blade)

Welcome to my guide to Kat. Writing a guide to my favorite champion has been on my mind for sometime now, since I have seen a lot of whining and crying on the champion feedback forum saying that Kat blows. As this week is a free Kat week and with a little motivation from Oneironaut who has also brought out a guide this week here (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=90342), i decided to write my own guide for the public.


1. Lore
2. Stats and Abilities
3. Strengths and weaknesses
4. Runes and Masteries and summoner spells
5. Skill and Item build
6. Strategy: early, mid and late game
7. Best allies, worst enemies and the food

1. Lore:

Many of the noble daughters of Noxus are content to live their decadent lives of privilege. Not so with Katarina. Daughter of the feared Noxian General Du Couteau, the girl was always more interested in her father's blades than in the dresses her sisters spent so much time fussing over. Her father, ever the opportunist, happily fostered her bloodlust. Katarina was trained by the finest warriors under her father's command and, once she bested them, by Noxus's most lethal assassins. The ruthless woman first cut her teeth performing covert missions in the Ionian War, but the challenge of such engagements was simply not enough to sate her ambitions. Katarina wanted not only to be deadly, she wanted to be feared and adored. The League of Legends called and Katarina eagerly answered.

''The blade-mistress of Noxus is like a black widow - beautiful, but deadly.''

2. Stats and Abilities:

Health 385 (+75 per lvl)
Base Damage 52 (+2 per lvl)
Move Speed 325
Armor 14.75 (+4 per lvl)
Dodge 0 (+0 per lvl)
Crit Chance 3.45 (+0.55 per lvl)
Spell Block 30 (+1.25 per lvl)
Attack Speed 0.55 (+0.1 per lvl)
Health Regen 1.39 (+0.11 per lvl)


Voracity - After a kill or assist, Katarina gains 50 gold and her cooldowns are reduced by 15 seconds.

Truly a great passive, the 50g per kill/assist let Kat snowball faster than any other champ, which is very useful, since Kat is very item dependent mid to late game. More importantly her cooldowns are reduced by 15 sec after a kill/assist. This means your cooldown on bouncing blade and Shunpo, her main nukes reset after killing an enemy champion allowing her to spam her abilities on the next champion.

Bouncing Blade

Katarina throws a dagger that hits up to 2/3/4/5/6 enemies, dealing magic damage equal to her attack damage plus 15/30/45/60/75 bonus damage to the primary target. Each subsequent hit deals 10% less damage.

Cooldown 8 seconds
Range 550

this is probably one of the more popular skill of most Kats out there, I however don't like it that much, I will explain why later. It is a pretty decent nuke and at rank 4/5 can distribute 50% heal reduction on the whole enemy team if used with killer instincts.

Killer Instincts

Passive: Katarina gains 4/5/6/7/8 attack damage each time she hits a target or casts a spell. This effect can stack 5 times and lasts 3 seconds.

Active: Katarina's next basic ability has a bonus effect.
Bouncing Blade: Deals full damage to every target it hits and applies 50% healing reduction for 10 seconds.
Shunpo: Katarina's dodge chance is increased by 30/40/50/60/70% for 3 seconds.

Cooldown 22/20/18/16/14 seconds

Underestimated ability, the recent buff allows you to stack this ability up fairly quickly giving you a substantial damage bonus from the passive. More to this later.


Katarina moves to her target's location. If the target is an enemy, she deals 90/120/150/180/210(+0.75) magic damage to the target.

Cooldown 10/9/8/7/6 seconds
Range 650

My favorite skill in the whole game. The range is pretty large, you can close distance between you and ranged champs, something essential for a melee champ like kat, and of course it is a great way to position yourself for a death lotus. Further it deals decent damage and is a great escape mechanism. I will explain the use of Shunpo in more detail later.

Death Lotus

Katarina goes into a state of extreme focus, throwing daggers with unrivaled speed at 1/2/3 enemy champion(s). Each dagger deals 50/65/80 magic damage plus the higher value between 50% of her bonus attack damage or 30% of her ability power.

Cooldown 60 seconds
Channeled Spell
Range 550

This is what most people are crying about in forums the past few patches, saying it is useless in higher tier games. NOT TRUE! It has been buffed significantly from being useless, but many have yet to acknowledge this. Kat throws a total of 10 daggers at each target in 2.6 sec. I agree that this ability isn't what it used to be, but it is by no means useless and at the moment I believe it to be one of the more underestimated abilities in the game. More to this later.

3. Pros and Cons:


High mobility:
With a base move speed of 325 Kat is one of the faster champs in the game and with Shunpo she can close distance/espace quickly.
Early burst:
With a Shunpo, Bouncing Blade combo and a auto attack Kat can easily shave off 300 HP early game which is a pain at lvl 2-7.
No Mana dependency:
The only restriction to the usage of Kat's spells are cooldown and the restrictions you set for yourself. As long as you keep Kat healthy you can stay in your lane for a long time and harass enemy champs.


The main problem with Kat is that she is very squishy, especially early game. Her HP gain is average at max and you will face problems if you don't counter act this problem.
Slow attack speed:
with a base attack speed of 0.55 (+0.1 per lvl) Kat has one of the lowest attack speed in the game, along with Alistair, Janna and a couple of other casters and tanks. Kat however is an assassin and her low attack speed is a huge hindrance, especially when you need to get that last hit to finish a champion off in time.

4. Runes and Masteries and summoner spells:


As Kat's main weaknesses are her low HP pool and a slow attack speed I use my runes to counter act these weaknesses:

9x Greater Marks of Alacrity (+1.7% attack speed per rune)
9x Greater Seals of Vitality (+1.08 HP per lvl per rune)
9x Greater Glyphs of Focus (0.65% CD reduction per rune)
3x Greater Quintessence of Strength (+2.25 damage per rune)

Full rune page bonus:
+15% attack speed
+9.72 HP per lvl
5.85% cooldown reduction
+6.8 damage

As explained the Marks and Seals counter act Kat's main weaknesses, while the glyphs enhance her Shunpo/Bouncing Blade spaming ability. The Quintessence are an early game bonus, since that is the time Kat must demonstrate superiority and farm her items.



3/3 Deadliness (+2% crit)
1/1 Cripple OR Plentiful Bounty
4/4 Sorcery (3% cooldown reduction)
4/4 Alacrity (4% attack speed)
1/1 Archaic Knowledge (15% magic penetration)
3/3 Sunder (6 Armor penetration)
3/3 Brute Force (+3 damage)
1/3 Lethality (+3.33% crit damage)
1/1 Havoc (5% damage increase)

4 points distributed on Resistance (magic resist) and Hardiness (Armor),
1/3 Resistance (+2 magic resist)
3/3 Hardiness (+6 Armor)
4/4 Evasion (2% dodge)
1/1 Nimbleness

Kat as I play her is a very offensive oriented champion, and this mastery reflects this. Similar to the runes the mastery is used to enhance Kat's properties and cover her weaknesses. I pick Sunder over Lethality because Kat is not a crit reliant champion like Gangplank or Shaco, she is much more damage oriented since Bouncing Blade and Death Lotus scale with her damage. Sunder enhances her early killing potential that she needs to dominate early on. As for Resistance and Hardiness, I prefer Hardiness because minion damage early in the game is something that should not be underestimated and every piece of defense counts in the first 10-15 minutes of the game. The majority of damage that you will be suffering in the first few minutes will be physical damage and increased armor is supposed to help you reduce the punishment you take. Nimbleness, finally, gives you that added boost after a Killer Instincts, Shunpo combo. You are bound to be targeted by minions if you're in your lane and you're bound to dodge one of the attacks. Nimbleness will give you chasing as well as escaping potential after shunpoing at the enemy champion either going back behind your minions or allowing you to chase and get a kill.

Summoner Spells:


A very important summoner ability, you will be using your Killer Instincts mainly for you Shunpo, so you won't be able to heal reduce with your Bouncing Blade, at least not early in the game, Ignite will make up for that in the early stages of a game. More to the use of Ignite later.


A nice ability, though I only recommend it for Twisted Treeline. In a 5v5 it is too situational and you will need a more universal summoner spell for a 5v5. Besides, in a 5v5 one of the other 4 people is bound to have a slow/snare/stun.


Ah! The Jack of all trades. I do not recommend this for Twisted Treeline, you won't be relying on creeps for money on that map. On Summoner's Rift, however, it is rather useful. This spell allows you to pretty much 1 shot every cannon, when you see it, saving valuable time. Also you will be able to quickly smite neutrals when you are moving to another lane for a gank or returning to your lane after blue pilling. Further Smite is also a kind of failsafe, if you find yourself in a position that you can't dominate your lane, but are pushed back (not surprising, since Kat is a squishy melee champ), it ensures you a small but steady income.

Pretty nice, but you got your bonus from Nimbleness and Kat's natural move speed is relatively high
Nice, but not for you, a lane partner with this is nice though.
Yea.... you're not supposed to be planning on dying.
High move speed, no need for this.
It's ok, but you can save yourself with Shunpo already and if there is nothing to shunpo to, you are mostly screwed anyway.
Nice, but not for you.
What are you stupid?
Nice, a possible replacement for smite or exhaust, only you will be moving out of this baby's range very fast (Shunpo)
Nice, but not for you, let a supporter or tank get this.
Not for Kat, you got Shunpo as an escape tool. Besides w/o "Blink of an Eye" Flash is not too useful (cooldown is too long, range is too short)

5. Skill and Item build:

Skill build:

1. Shunpo
2. Bouncing Blade (BB)
3. Shunpo
4. Killer Instincts (KI)
5. Shunpo
6. Death Lotus (DL)
7. Shunpo
8. KI
9. Shunpo
10. KI
11. DL
12. KI
13. BB
14. KI
15. BB
16. DL
17. BB
18. BB

The reason for picking KI over BB is that the damage of BB hardly increases from rank to rank (only 15 per rank). KI, however, grants you 20/25/30/35/40 bonus damage aswell as the much needed 30%/40%/50%/60%/70% dodge after Shunpo. Technically the first rank of KI increases the damage of BB by more than the next rank of BB.

Item build:

Starter Items:

1x Elixier of Fortitude
5x Health Potion

What the hell? Why do you only buy pots? One might ask that, but Elixier of Fortitude is the only item that gives you 20 dmg and 200 HP for 300 gold. With your masteries and runes this is a whooping 30 additional dmg at lvl 1 allowing you to 5 shot most DPS and Caster champions.

Core items:

Berserker's Greaves
Blade of the Occult
B. F. Sword --> Bloodthirster
B. F. Sword --> Bloodthirster
B. F. Sword --> Infinity Edge
Frozen Mallet

Build order:

1. Berserker's Greaves
2. Long Sword* --> 3. Blade of the Occult
4. B. F. Sword --> 7. Bloodthirster
5. B. F. Sword --> 8. Bloodthirster***
6. B. F. Sword** --> 10. Infinity Edge
9. Phage --> 11. Frozen Mallet

*Do NOT get Blade of the Occult if you're not sure that you will get kills, if you're unsure get a B. F. Sword or two first.
**If you find yourself losing HP too fast push in a phage or even a Frozen Mallet between the B. F. Swords
***The game is normally over by now :P


Early Game:

Picking a lane. Kat can easily solo mid against most champs, but with a good and aggressive lane partner you can really rack up the kills.

Switch between aggressive and more or less passive game play. When Shunpo and Bouncing Blade are up try to Shunpo and then Bouncing Blade the more squishy/low HP champion and get one or two autoattacks in before returning to your melee creeps and last hit.
Try to be on the edge of your creep wave:

Enemy Ranged Minions --> O O O

Enemy Melee Minions --> O O O X
X O O O <-- Your Melee Minions

O O O <-- Your ranged Minions

X is where you should stand and last hit, this allows you to quickly shunpo either behind your own ranged minions, behind enemy ranged minions or the other side of your melee minions.
When an enemy champion is below 4 Bars of HP (5 with ignite) he is in the kill zone. Hopefully you will have harassed him in a way that he lost 2 or 3 bars with your Shunpo, Bouncing Blade combo and not be too careful yet. Line up your Killer Instincts --> Shunpo --> Bouncing Blade on him and chase him to death, !!YOUR COOLDOWNS WILL RESET!!, so be aware that you can immediately preform the same combo on the 2nd champion if you are in a side lane. Further your passive allows you to towerdive with not too much of a problem. You Shunpo, Bouncing Blade in, get a kill and can immediately Shunpo to a ranged creep and get out of the towers range.
Already early in the game try to scan for potential kills in other lanes and help your mates kill enemy champions, remember you dont need to KS, you get 50 gold either way.
Lizard is always a good idea from lvl 7 onwards, since it gives you a great chasing potential.

Mid game

This is normally when the ganking begins. Your job is your ult. Try to be unpredictable when you use it, you can Shunpo in and auto attack enemy champions first so they waste their disables on you. Getting your ulti off and placing it at the right place is crucial. Placed correctly it will win team fights, if placed badly you waste an ult and it will probably mean you not only lose a kill but you might also die, because you can't use it again to turn the tide. IF you manage to score a kill or assist the cooldown on your ultimate will also get reduced. It is theoretically possible for you to use the ult twice in a team battle (tripple kill/assist with 1st ult --> -45 sec CD on ~50ish sec CD)
Remember, bushes are your friends and so are friendly stuns. Mostly people won't notice it until it is too late,when you DL from a bush. If your mate stuns an opponent do not hesitate to Shunpo and DL the stunned champion, it will normally guarantee you a kill.
Finally, remember, you should not use you're ultimate to initiate. It is best to join the battle after the other team has picked their targets and then bring down a DL on them when they need an effort to change targets.

Late game

Pretty much the same as mid game strategy. Mostly you will find yourself in a large push/counter push, so bouncing blade will be one of your more used abilities to quickly decimate a creep wave or harassing the enemy team from afar. In team battles place your ulti nicely and you can carry your team to victory (remember to pick off stranglers :P)

Best allies, worst enemies and the food:

Ashe: use your Shunpo to harass and avoid Arrows.

Alistair: He can't really hurt you, you'll have trouble hurting him, get a mate to kill him.

Annie: Tricky, if she can hit you with her spells you're dead, but you can avoid Tibbers and incinerate with Shunpo.

Anivia: Avoid her stun with Shunpo and ult her egg.

Amumu: Great laning partner, the ult combo is crazy. If you're laning against Amumu, don't bother too much, he can't really hurt you and you can only gradually wear him down.

Blitzcrank: Pain in the @$$, try to Shunpo dodge his hooks or Shunpo out of his range after a hook. His Knock up interrupts your ult and mostly he is hard to take down on your own, try to shut him down early.

Cho'Gath: Similar to Blitz, Ravage messes you up, Silence interrupts your ultimate and if you're low on HP, you're dead, get a mate to take him out.

Corki: Nothing too special about him, try to make him waste his Valkyrie, then ult him, when he can't escape.

Dr. Mundo: Can be annoying (cleavers out range Shunpo) , a well played Mundo is hard to take out too, so get a mate to help you.

Evelynn: Use your ult to see if she is near you, if you can use it and no visible champ is near you, a stealthed one is close by. Otherwise she is pretty squishy and good food.

Ezreal: Squishy, food. Skillshot based attacks are easy to dodge with Shunpo. Try to use your ult after he uses his Essence Flux.

Fiddlesticks: The bane of you're existance. Crows and Fear interrupt your ult, Drain makes your ult and your Shunpo, BB combo useless and his ult is superior to yours, get a mate to take this guy out, cause you don't stand a chance if he is gunning for you.

Gragas: Avoid his barrels with Shunpo, semi squishy, should be food.

Gangplank: Pretty meh, punish him with Shunpo and BB every time he tries to Parrrley you. Shunpo out of his ult.

Heimerdinger: A minor problem if you don't have smite, if you have smite then /laugh. Avoid his granades with Shunpo and try to have minions closer to him so his rockets don't hit you.

Janna: Avoid Tornadoes with your Shunpo. Her ult messes up your ult, so beware, get a mate to disable her. if you can Shunpo, ult her AFTER or while she is using her ult you will get a kill.

Jax: Try not to get stunned and your ult will kill him, if you get stunned, get out of there. Use your abilities vs him and try to get a mate to help you since he mostly has a large HP pool.

Karthus: Avoid his Lay to Waste with Shunpo and get away from him after you kill him. Otherwise he is a huge pain in the @$$ with his ult, since you will probably be dancing around with low HP most of the time.

Kassadin: Almost as annoying as Fiddle, Nullsphere GG's your ult, and he can deal more damage than you with his spells, get a mate to disable him.

Katarina: Noob hero, Shunpo and BB, if you have more HP and DMG ult when she ults.

Kayle: Reckoning is annoying. Her ult with your ult is pretty nice, although it doesn't protect you from disables.

Kennen: Squishy, avoid his shuriken and harass him

Malphite: He can mitigate your initial burst of Shunpo with his passive. Try to use your ult after he has used his. If he is in your team ult combo can be devestating.

Master Yi: Squishy, you can hit him harder with your spells than he can hit you, try to Shunpo, BB right after he does his alpha strike.

Morgana: Great ally, her snare and your ult guarantees a kill. Additionally her spellshield prevents your ult from being interrupted. If you're playing against her avoid her snares with Shunpo.

Nasus: If he plays aggressively run away and let the minions damage him, when he plays defensively harass him.

Nidalee: You will have huge trouble if you are soloing against her. Her will shut you down and once she has cougar she will out DPS your ult, even an escape with Shunpo will be hard. As an ally her heal is nice.

Nunu: Can be a pain with his consume and his slow. Shunpo out of his ult. If you're playing with him, use your ult right after he starts channeling his. Mostly the enemy will focus him instead of you, while you get the benefit of his slow.

Pantheon: Your Shunpo, BB combo should do more damage than his stun, javelin combo. Shunpo out of his ult.

Rammus: Avoid his Powerball and Taunt if possible, apart from that your ult will go through his armor.

Ryze: Dangerous if he can unleash all his spells on you. Try to harass him after he uses his spell flux on creeps. Great ally if your playing with him, ult combo will win team battles.

Shaco: You should be able to harass him better than he can harass you. Be aware of orange smokes and move back, after he reappears Shunpo, BB him. If you're laning with a Shaco, you probably will get firstblood quicklly. Further, use your ult after they are feared by his Jack in the Box.

Singed: Pain in the @$$, try to shut him down early. You will have problems running away from him late game and he will mess up your Shunpo and ult with his flip.

Sion: Watch out for his stun, if you see him using it Shunpo away from him, the misslespeed of the stun is pretty slow, so he will have to travel further until he can reach you and hopefully you will be out of the stun by then. Apart from that get a mate to help you shut him down.

Shen: Try to avoid his taunt, his ult will save a lot of lives of potential kills if the player is decent. As an ally he can protect you with his ult while you ult or draw fire on him allowing you to ult.

Sivir: Avoid her boomerang with Shunpo, apart from that she is food.

Soraka: Heal is nice, silence messes up your ult, otherwise you have nothing to worry about, use your ignite or KI and BB combo when playing against her.

Taric: Heal is nice, stun can interrupt your ult. If you're laning with him, stun and DL combo will get you kills. If you lane against him use ignite to prevent healing and shunpo away from him when he stuns.

Teemo: Shunpo, BB harass and he is food.

Tristana: Shunpo, BB harass and she should be food. Try to use your ult after she used her jetpack

Tryndamere: Dangerous as he can out last you and chase very effectively. Kill him before he is lvl 6 and try to kill him before he can get his ult off, otherwise stay away from him.

Twisted Fate: Shunpo dodge allows you to dodge gold cards, so TF is pretty much food. His stun can interrupt your ult of course and used with your ult will probably get you a kill.

Twitch: Food: Shunpo, BB him early game. Shunpo, ult him late game. Use ignite to prevent his stealth.

Veigar: Food, Shunpo out of his event horizon, you don't use mana so his ult does reduced damage to you. Good ally, event horizon and your ult is a nice combo.

Warwick: Dangerous if he ults you, hard to harass since he will just heal himself with lifesteal, dealing damage to you. Shunpo, ult him if he ults a mate of you.

Zilean: Bombs are a pain, since he can out range your Shunpo, your ult is rendered useless by his ult. If you can ult after he revives from his ult, however, he is a sitting duck.

http://www.Leagueoflegends.com (http://www.Leagueoflegends.com)
http://www.completelol.com (http://www.completelol.com)

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i have only one question:
what are berserker's treads?

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much appreciated correction ^^ still stuck in DotA it seems (Power Treads) the correct item is of course Berserker's Greaves.

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Senior Member





Summoner Spells:

5. Skill and Item build:

that's where I disagree/do other thing

Runes: Attack Speed is useless for Katarina, you're doing meele atacks only when your skills are on cooldown
Attack damage is not bad, but that ammount is quite useless

get Magic Penetration Marks and Quints, as all of your skills are Magic Damaged and Katarina is all about using skills.

For Masteries, I go with 9/0/21 build, Nimbleness is ok, but what do u need it for? If you use KI + Shunpo, you're probably far enough from enemies to escape. And if you Shunpo into battle, then you don't need incrased speed... Offensive build is also not good. As I said, Katarina is skill based char, not meele fighter.

Here's what I've got - http://img687.imageshack.us/img687/8104/masteriesk.png

Summoner Spells: Smite sucks ballz. Exhaust + Ignite by far

Skills: BB > KI > Shunpo... You're right, BB doesn't get much of a boost while leveling it, but it does get another bounces! It helps you to farm creeps MUCH more effectively , it helps you to reach enemies in your lane even without getting close and the reduced regeneration for 6 targets is wonderful in a team fight, especially if they have a healer.
I always go, BB, KI/Shunpo, Shunpo/KI
and then DL > BB > KI > Shunpo
As for harrassing with Shunpo, it's not THAT good idea, as you can get easily pwned/harrassed

Items: Elixir sounds like a good idea, but I never liked them as a starting item. Maybe that's because I don't play uber-pro-pwnzord-high ELO, but I don't see much people using it. Doran's Shield and a Health Pot is my choice. This will make you stay in your lane much longer than pots and if you have to face hard team, you'll get pwned with your pot as you won't be able to use it properly
Next items are:
Long Sword
Boots 1 (unless I totaly dominate my lane, then I take SotO before boots)
Sword of the Occult
Upgraded Boots - Mercury Threads/Ninja Tabi/Boots of Mobility
B.F. Sword
Haunting Guise - Magic Pen + Spell vamp = <3
Another Bloodthirster - starting with B.F. Sword ofc
Rylai's - yep, even in AD build I take it, for the slow, HP and late game boost for Shunpo

My last 5 games with this build:
5/7/5 - lost

and I did get all of them in 4 out of 10 games

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You say this,

Your job is your ult.
Then the only shoes you should be getting are Sorc. Shoes to acquire more magic penetration. Runes should also be magic penetration. The problem with the AD-build is that it doesn't get the Void Staff/Haunting Guise that rack up the magic-pen from the AP build. Your build is also far too scattered. You need to focus on either AD or AP, but not both. Her ultimate is already fairly useless as is, anything making it weaker will make her regular auto-attack do more damage which is, admittedly, kind of amusing to see.

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Senior Member


Your build is also far too scattered. You need to focus on either AD or AP, but not both. Her ultimate is already fairly useless as is, anything making it weaker will make her regular auto-attack do more damage which is, admittedly, kind of amusing to see.

fairly useless? hmm .. I am getting 500 dmg with each dagger from DL with all that magic pen (runes, haunting guise & masteries) I do quite some nice damage into 3 people at the same time. You'll get 3 assists/kills with DL and then you can use it again cuz of your passive. It's not fairly useless

I don't feel that I need more damage, rather more survivability (spell vamp + hp from rylai) and slow which will make getting out of DL harder (not saying about all that slow from BB)

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Senior Member


I played against you tonight. You have a good Kat.

Only things I would edit are Berserker Treads -> Sorc shoes/merc treads and swap Exhaust with cleanse. Kat has more CC thrown her way than most of the cast, especially since she positions herself in the middle of teamfights. I always ran cleanse on the old Kat.

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Yes. Mercury Treads alone can cut her damage down considerably. A scattered build will not do damage against a remotely competent opposing team.

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fairly useless? hmm .. I am getting 500 dmg with each dagger from DL with all that magic pen (runes, haunting guise & masteries) I do quite some nice damage into 3 people at the same time. You'll get 3 assists/kills with DL and then you can use it again cuz of your passive. It's not fairly useless

I don't feel that I need more damage, rather more survivability (spell vamp + hp from rylai) and slow which will make getting out of DL harder (not saying about all that slow from BB)

500 dmg per dagger... i seriously doubt that. even if you have SotO and both BT maxed out you will have a bonus dmg of ~310 which translates into 155 dmg bonus for each dagger add the base 80 you get 235... now you are telling me you have enough magic penetration to DOUBLE the damage of your daggers???

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I played against you tonight. You have a good Kat.

Only things I would edit are Berserker Treads -> Sorc shoes/merc treads and swap Exhaust with cleanse. Kat has more CC thrown her way than most of the cast, especially since she positions herself in the middle of teamfights. I always ran cleanse on the old Kat.

switching zerker greaves for sorc shoes is viable, however i wouldn't swap them out for merc treads or any other boots. merc boots do not prevent ccs they only reduce the time and even when a stun is reduced by 40% it will still disrupt your ult, my opinion. If you want to run merc and cleanse that is fine by me I'm only trying to give guidance.