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Ashe crit build questions

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Well i started playing ashe awhile ago crit damage build and am considering changing my build around.

Runes: Crit chance/mp regen (i dont use mp regen items towards the end of games), and attack speed.

here i get 8.4% crit chance but people say armor pen is better, i think you can get 18 armor pen for marks? so why is that better than 8% crit chance? Also im open to other rune suggestions

Philo stone -> banshee's veil after awhile
Last Wisper (do i really need armor pen runes with this anyways?)
Phantom Dancer

So i need some suggestions for other items, i;ve been considering black cleaver and other items but not sure what to do, i end up with 74% crit chance, like 300 damage, 40% armor pen, 1.8 attack speed.

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its crit DAMAGE that the armor pen runes are better than

crit chance runes can be nice early on, makes your game more unpredictable