Unjustly reporting players is the most disruptive action in-game

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Some cases I see in the Tribunal are people being a victim of others reporting them unjustly.

These people fit a certain personality trait: they stand up for themselves and their beliefs and do it in a fair, nice, way, however still get reported at the end of the game because (this is obvious to me playing the game) a lot of other people who play the game are pretty malicious.

There is no avenue for justice in this case. Just saying.

It also causes a lot of people (I did never say "the majority" or more people than not) to be banned, unjustly.

I've seen a lot of "quit whining and take your ban like a man," and "if you got banned there is a reason so suck it up,"

but here is the harsh reality:

"They currently review a small random sampling of bans, as well as all bans above a certain severity level,"

There is real likelihood (not that high... but it's definitely, and it's not small, but it's not something like 50% or even 30%, smaller than that, but it's, in my opinion, significant) of someone getting banned unjustly.

Is this a broken system? Is a system where people do get banned unjustly broken? Yes, in my opinion, it is.