Help i keep getting Disconnected

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I tend to get disconnect frequently only while playing League of legends doesn't do it with star craft 2 or counter-strike, Sometimes i get disconnected once others like 2-4 times sometimes just a severe lag spike that last for a 20 secs to a minute. It started at the beginning of this month shortly after i moved to a new place, all the equipment is the same the modem the router and my wireless NIC ( i don't have the option of hard wiring straight to the router) I've been searching the forums and google for possible fixes and i have tried just about everything except for a reformat, I use a Linksys router model an E1000 wireless N, Since i started having this problem i have updated my graphics drivers re-installed other software or programs that may interact with it such as pando media booster, changed from a dynamic to a static ip and back.

here is my netalyzr

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated