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Intentionally Prolonging a Game

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But then you get reported for afk, and your dmg / second, level, etc., will support the claim...

It's a trade-off... They deliberately keep me there against my will knowing full well that, after having thoroughly assessed that our chances of winning, they are beyond abysmal, then I'll surrender my inputs into the game because there's no point in continuing it. If abusers want to feast on the opportunity to report/punish/ban me, then they can go right ahead. Especially if they've verbally harassed me in any way, shape, or form. I think it's abusive to force players to stay and endure 30+ minutes of getting slaughtered, tantalized by the enemy team, and get insulted by my own allies. It's disgusting, and I won't tolerate it. Why do they deny surrender? Because they CAN. They're trolls, and they're baiting players like me into getting mad and raging. It's abusive, and I'll afk because they're obnoxious trolls undeserving of my input.

...and for the record: Players playing poorly, feeding, not sticking together, or not committing to team fights because they're "scared" is just as game-ruining as afking.

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This kind of troll really bugs me. They spend the whole game flaming away about how someone on the team is a noob and worthless, and through voting no on surrender, enjoy the opportunity to troll on and on and on.

If you go semi afk, as someone else suggested, you risk angering another teammate and may get another report filed against you, in addition to whatever the troll has planned. If you keep playing, you'll be facing a considerably superior opponent who will likely feed kills off you, thus risking an 'intentional feeder' complaint.

It's a lose/lose situation when a team refuses to surrender while someone trolls away. I frankly don't understand why someone would vote no on surrender if they didn't have a plan for winning, but that's another issue altogether.